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Participate in the Urban GoodCamp starting in January 2023

The Erasmus+ project Urban GoodCamp aims to tackle pressing urban challenges through multidisciplinary programmes for students, researchers, and life-long learners.
Urban Goodcamp - Tackling urban challenges
Urban Goodcamp - tackling urban challenges

As the Helsinki region transitions towards sustainability on multiple fronts, endeavours towards a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable city are often interconnected and require cross-sectoral collaboration for effective coordination. 

The UCAMP activities aim to tackle the cities’ challenges through the development of urban challenge bootcamps.

Joining as a participant

Participating students will be grouped into teams of 4-5 people, with a mix of nationalities and academic and work backgrounds. The students are:

  • Bachelor, Masters and PhD level
  • International cohort, English as the working language
  • From Finnish Universities
  • Interested in tackling sustainability-related pressing challenges

More information on the programme can be found in the attachments below.

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Challenge-based bootcamps

The UCAMP project is running an educational bootcamp for university students and staff for developing real-life solutions to pressing urban challenges. Aalto will implement the bootcamp model in 2022/2023 through a challenge-based, cross-disciplinary learning approach, preparing students for solving grand challenges in the future.

The European-wide UCAMP project will be a unique learning experience where participants will work in close collaboration with companies, societal organisations, and experts, to seek and implement new practices and technologies that will make for a better life through better cities.

From January to March 2023, we will be hosting the following events:

  • A Bootcamp (17 Jan, 9am to 3pm, 18-19 Jan, 9am to 1pm; 20 Jan, 1pm to 6pm)
  • Two Innovation Tours (February, dates to be confirmed)
  • A Mini-Camp (2 March, 9am to 1pm; 3 March, 1pm to 4pm)

During this time, students will conduct research and create new concepts for solving these challenges. The programme will provide plenty of networking opportunities as the students are encouraged to interact with the different partners and stakeholders. A certificate of completion will be awarded to the teams that finish the bootcamp.

Engaging local stakeholders for sustainable cities

The UCAMP project emphasises an integrated approach, where strong partnerships between local citizens, civil society, industry and various levels of government are the keys to success in urban development. 

Partner organisations

Partner organisations are joining a diverse group of students in co-creating relevant sustainability solutions alongside Aalto University. They support the project by:

  • Providing an interesting case topic 
  • Hosting a company visit 
  • Being case mentors during the Bootcamp and Mini-Camp
  • Attending the Final Presentation and giving feedback on project results

Read more about our project partners.

Project Cases

UCAMP’s key development areas were highlighted by our research as in need of urgent action: 

  1. Circular Economy / Waste Management

  2. Sustainable Urban Mobility
  3. Carbon-Free City / Energy Transition

A European-wide initiative

The UCAMP partners are based in seven European cities – Helsinki, Amsterdam, Venice, Paris, Madrid, and Ljubljana. Read more about the Urban GoodCamp project on their website.

Would you like to join as a participant but have some questions? Get in touch with us!

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