Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure

MEG Core facilities

Information about the MEG device, stimulus equipment and monitoring devices.

Elekta Neuromag

  • 306-ch neuromagnetometer, updated in 2022. Simultaneous EEG, EOG, EMG, and various analog signals can be recorded at 600–5000Hz sampling rate

Magnetically Shielded Room

  • Imedco three-layer magnetically shielded room

Stimulus presentation

  • Presentation

  • PyschoPy

  • Psychtoolbox

  • Matlab

  • E-Prime

Stimulus equipments

  • Electric (constant current stimulator Medizin Technik Schwind, 2 channels)

  • Visual (PROPixx, resolution 1920x1080 @ 120 Hz, up to 1440 Hz )

  • Tactile pneumatic stimulator, brush stimulator

  • Pain Thulium laser, Baasel lasertech

  • Auditory Nicolet/Etymotic Research tube system, Unides Design ADU1c tube system, Panphonis SoundShower flat panel speaker

Monitoring devices

  • Reaction time keys

  • Eye Link 1000 eye tracker

  • Hand movements ADXL335 accelerometers

MEG Core

MEG Core

MEG Core offers excellent environment for magnetoencephalography (MEG). MEG Core has a state-of-the-art 306-channel MEG device (MEGIN TRIUX neo, MEGIN Oy, Helsinki, Finland) in a high-end 3-layered magnetically shielded room (Imedco AG, Hägendorf, Switzerland). MEG Core has extremely low magnetic ambient noise level and a wide variety of MEG-compatible stimulators and monitoring devices for successful MEG measurements.

Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) Infrastructure
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