Aalto Materials Platform

Aalto Materials Platform

The Materials Platform promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication, inside and outside Aalto University, to advance the field of materials science and its applications.
In the Materials Platform, we develop and support the variety of actions focused on popularizing, promoting and stimulating research activities in Materials fields.

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Current and upcoming events

To get familiar with our past events, please check this page.

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Aalto Materials Platform

Photography workshop series for materials scientists

The aim is to provide a basic knowledge of how to shoot good quality scientific images and videos. The course provides a step-by-step guide on how to shoot photographs and videos for scientific use, whether it is an online publication, a print media, a presentation, or a poster. The course is designed for materials scientists with both none and some experience in photography.
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Aalto Materials Platform

Writing retreat for doctoral students, 3-5 December 2019 in Otaniemi

Materials Platform invites Aalto doctoral students to participate in a writing retreat. This structured writing retreat works for any kind of writing project and any kind of writer. We will use specific start and stop times for writing, as well as set times for writing warmups and discussion, and breaks for food, relaxation, and exercise.

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The Materials Platform offers financial support for a multidisciplinary event organized by Aalto University members and collaborators. In addition, we offer a number of services to help with event planning, promotion, facilitation, and documentation.

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Photography services by the Materials Platform

We regularly offer a number of visualization services to promote and popularise Aalto University materials research and its discoveries. Most often, we offer photography sessions of materials research samples.

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Materials Platform mission and vision

The Materials Platform's key activities focus on emerging opportunities in popularising materials research and supporting materials-related multi- and cross-disciplinary initiatives.

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Materials Platform Wheel with Key activities and focus areas.

Flagship projects and special programs

There are several high-level projects in the field of materials research and teaching at the moment. Here are some examples of Aalto University research excellence.

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Materials Platform assistance and visual support

Valeria Azovskaya

Valeria Azovskaya

Department of Management Studies
Designer, Materials Platform


Press releases Published:

A combination of wood fibres and spider silk could rival plastic

The unique material outperforms most of today’s synthetic and natural materials by providing high strength and stiffness, combined with increased toughness
Tutkijoista, teollisista muotoilijoista ja dokumentaristeista koostuva Korvaa-projekti halusi näyttää tämän todeksi ja valmisti kuulokkeet, jonka muovi- ja nahkaosat on tuotettu mikrobien avulla.
Research & Art Published:

Headphones made from biomaterials produced by yeast and fungal mycelium

Microbially grown materials can be used to replace oil-based materials in various everyday consumer products – such as headphones.
Illustration of various ALD applications by Ida-Maria Wikström.
Aalto Magazine, Research & Art Published:

A layer just a few atoms deep can work wonders

The atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique developed by Tuomo Suntola revolutionised information technology in the 2000s. Now researchers are using it to make better catalysts, solar cells of record efficiency and hybrid materials that transport medicines and generate electricity from bodily waste heat.
Milica Todorovic and Patrick Rinke. Photographer: Venla Helenius.
Aalto Magazine, Research & Art Published:

One atom at a time

AI is not only changing the way we process data, it’s changing how we carry out research, period.
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