Aalto Materials Platform

Aalto Materials Platform

The Materials Platform promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication, inside and outside Aalto University, to advance the field of materials science and its applications.  We develop and support a variety of actions focused on popularizing, promoting, and stimulating research activities in materials fields in all six Aalto Schools.

If you have an idea of an event or activity related to Aalto University materials research, please email us or apply via the Materials Platform services support  application form.  Please note that processing might take time, so it is essential to contact us during your planning stages. Also, we offer consultation related to materials science-related photography services.

Coronavirus update: All events and external visitors have been canceled through 31 July 2020. Information on coronavirus at Aalto and Q&A on coronavirus

Metals_photo Eeva Suorlahti fir Materials Platform

Current and upcoming events

Meeting and sketching, photo by Kaleidico @unsplash

Online help desk by Materials Platform

The Materials Platform virtual help desk offers advice for Aalto University people who want to improve their presentation, publication, or other aspects of their work related to research dissemination and popularization.
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Past events by Materials Platform

A selection of past events organized or supported by Materials Platform.

Aalto Materials Platform

What we do:

Networking event 'Artificial intelligence in materials science'_photo Glen Forde

Events and service support for multidisciplinary projects

Financial support for your multidisciplinary event at Aalto.

Aalto Materials Platform
Photo by david-perkins from unsplash: sharp pensils

Best visual practices for funding applications

A visual consultancy service for materials grant applicants.

Aalto Materials Platform

Materials Platform: strategy, mission and established collaborators

Materials Platform operations

 Dr. Heidi Henrickson

Dr. Heidi Henrickson

Project Manager, Materials Platform
 Prof. Orlando Rojas

Prof. Orlando Rojas

Academic Chair, Materials Platform

Materials Platform assistance and visual support

 Valeria Azovskaya

Valeria Azovskaya

Designer and project assistant
 Glen Forde

Glen Forde

Designer and project assistant

Events related to materials research at Aalto

Four students workshopping
Lectures and seminars

Entrepreneurship summer course: Creating Multidimensional Experiences (Online)

Learn to create immersive experiences in a multidisciplinary team of international students, working online but together towards a sustainable future.
Wood-based structural shimmering wood colour has no colour pigments. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya
Exhibitions and fairs

Shimmering Wood by Structural Colour Studio

Nature’s brightest colours – like those found in peacock feathers or butterfly wings – are created through microscopically small nanostructures.
Bioslime by Chiao-wen Hsu & Yu Chen. Photo: Eeva Suorlahti
Exhibitions and fairs

What’s cooking? Bio-based material experiments by CHEMARTS

From a bio-adhesive to reed panels and cellulose foam, a unique work created in collaboration with designers and biomaterial researchers shows what natural materials can do.
Beautiful electric powered boat Skand designed by Jean Munck and Laura Hietala.
Exhibitions and fairs

Electric-powered boat SKAND

The boat is powered by solar cells and makes no noise in the water. It has also been designed for rental use or as a city boat so that many people in the future can enjoy being on the water, while saving nature and materials.


CHEMARTS Cookbook for material enthusiasts. Photo: Eeva Suorlahti
Research & Art Published:

The CHEMARTS Cookbook

Inspiration for Material Enthusiasts
Samples of dyer’s woad (värimorsinko) non-toxic blue dye textiles. Photo: Valeria Azovskaya
Research & Art Published:

The cost of ‘fast fashion’ – Up to 92 million tonnes of waste and 79 trillion litres of water consumed per year to make garments

The fashion industry contributes to 10% of global pollution. A system-wide transition needed immediately to reduce environmental costs of the fashion industry, a new Aalto University study concludes in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment journal.
Press releases Published:

A combination of wood fibres and spider silk could rival plastic

The unique material outperforms most of today’s synthetic and natural materials by providing high strength and stiffness, combined with increased toughness
Tutkijoista, teollisista muotoilijoista ja dokumentaristeista koostuva Korvaa-projekti halusi näyttää tämän todeksi ja valmisti kuulokkeet, jonka muovi- ja nahkaosat on tuotettu mikrobien avulla.
Research & Art Published:

Headphones made from biomaterials produced by yeast and fungal mycelium

Microbially grown materials can be used to replace oil-based materials in various everyday consumer products – such as headphones.
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