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Aalto Living+ Platform

The Living+ Platform supports and facilitates multi- and transdisciplinary research on human-centered living environments, one of Aalto University´s key research areas.

We organize thematic meetings offering external stakeholders possibilities for co-operation and networking, educational lectures and seminars for students, staff and the public, and provide seed funding for multidisciplinary cross-school collaboration.

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Upcoming Events


Defence of dissertation in the field of water and environmental engineering, Pia Välitalo

Title of the dissertation is Toxicity and emerging contaminants – Effect-based assessment of complex environmental samples
Lectures and seminars

SCENSLECO Final seminar – City crafting: visualisation as a tool for spatial policy

Do maps lie? How is halftone political? Is EU a cartographic illusion? Seminar's keynote speaker is Stefanie Dühr from the University of South Australia
liikennettä maantiellä kuvaaja Adolfo vera

Defence of dissertation in the field of spatial planning and transportation engineering Sanaz Bozorg, M.Sc. (Eng)

The title of dissertation is The effect of different road lighting levels on drivers’ visual performance under various conditions
Verma's dissertation

Defence in the field of Architecture: Architect Ira Verma

Housing design and neighbourhood planning can enhance social and physical activities of persons who live in their own homes at old age or with disabilities. The aim of the study was to explore the design features supporting general wellbeing and independence of older people.


Yleiskaavasuunnittelija Ville Ahvikko kertoo Leppävaaran kehityksestä Asemanseudut muutoksessa -aamukahveilla Aalto-yliopistolla
Research & Art Published:

Engaging talks on the development of urban station areas

The design and potential future station areas provide urban development discussed at the ”Asemanseudut muutoksessa” morning coffee event on May 17.
Living+ Networking Lunch, Dipoli
Research & Art Published:

Living+ hosted a networking lunch to discuss research in human-centered living environments

Researchers from numerous fields within Aalto University joined a lunch event on April 23 to discuss common research interests in the field.
Urban mobility
Cooperation Published:

EIT Urban Mobility call for proposals 2020

The call for proposals for EIT Urban Mobility 2020 is now open and the call closes on May 17.
Last year the Master School Kick-Off took place in Rennes, France. Photo: EIT Digital.
Studies Published:

Summer Schools on smart mobility in 2019

EIT Digital is organizing two summer schools on smart mobility this summer. The summer schools are suitable for master’s students, experts, and company representatives. 

Aalto Living+ Forums

The annual Aalto Living+ Forum is a public multi-disciplinary lecture series on themes related to human-centered living environments.

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What are Aalto Platforms?

The Platforms facilitate multi- and interdisciplinary research and teaching in thematic areas. They organise annually several thematic meetings which offer external stakeholders possibilities for co-operation and networking. They, also, bring together Aalto's expertise across departments.

Research & Art

Related platforms and communities at Aalto

Urban Academy

Urban Academy (Kaupunkiakatemia) is a platform and network that brings together multidisciplinary research, teaching and societal impact in the field of urban studies. It is a partnership of five organizations: University of Helsinki, Aalto University, City of Helsinki, City of Espoo and City of Vantaa.

Kaupunkiakatemia - Urban Academy

Aalto Built Environment Laboratory

Aalto Built Envinronment Laboratory (ABE) is a new collaborative research and learning initiative of Aalto University, School of Engineering.

Aalto Sustainability Hub

To address complex sustainability challenges, Aalto Sustainability Hub works to increase interdisciplinary collaboration and to promote sustainability in teaching, campus development and other operations at Aalto.

Aalto Sustainability Hub

Aalto Experience Platform

Aalto Experience Platform is an open community for experience research, which fosters and promotes research that combines scientific, artistic, technological, and business angles on human experiences.

Aalto University Experience Platform

Aalto Digi Platform

Aalto Digi Platform is an open community for anyone interested in digital technologies. We bring digitalization-related research fields together and foster collaboration between Aalto and society at large. We help arrange community events and organize larger events to spark public discussion and showcase Aalto's research.

Aalto X Reality Demo by Matti Ahlgren

Aalto Health Platform

Aalto Health Platform is a collaborative program that creates a framework for Aalto to deepen and widen its joint work with its partner organizations in the area of health and wellbeing (H&W), which is one of Aalto University’s strategic focus areas for research.

Aalto University/Aino Huovio

Aalto Materials Platform

The Materials Platform promotes cross-disciplinary collaborations and communication, inside and outside Aalto University, to advance the field of materials science and its applications.

Metals_photo Eeva Suorlahti fir Materials Platform
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