The aim of Aalto University is to continuously improve the quality of all operations and to implement common best practices in the organisation. The quality system is an entity of policies, procedures and processes aimed at safeguarding and improving the quality of the university activities, its education, its research and other activities and it is embedded in university governance.
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Aalto University quality policy and management are based on the principle of continual development through the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act). The PDCA is embedded in all processes and daily activities of the university.

The quality policy of Aalto University refers to the following governing principles:
-pursuit of excellence in all activities
-every member of Aalto community contributes to the common mission
-continuous assessments and development of all activities and management
-systematic and shared ways to ensure high quality and effectiveness in activities.


Quality concept

Quality Management is managing and operationalising the objectives of quality system. Quality management is a set of measures and methods that maintain and manage the quality of the University's core activities and support services.

The quality system enforces realisation of the university's quality policy. The quality system defines the quality management organisation, division of responsibility, procedures, and resources.

Aalto’s quality cultureshows in both the measures taken aiming at improving quality and in the individual and collective commitment to the maintenance and development of quality. Important is everyone's responsible and ethical approach and behavior in all their activities

Examples of the quality management procedures that are in place on a regular and continuous basis :
• Peer review procedure in the international scientific community
• Regular external evaluations of research, education and support activities
• Student-, stakeholder- and staff feedback
• Self-assessments (University review process)
• Tenure track process
• Documentation
• Quality system audit


Continuous, practical, quality work at Aalto University is coordinated by Leadership Support Services  with the support of the Quality network (Q7 network). The Q7 network consists following quality/development managers from Aalto schools and a student representative.

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  • SCI: Marja Niemi
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