Aalto Handbook

Bylaws, regulations, policies and guidelines

The bylaws, codes, regulations and guidelines as well as policies and instructions to be followed in Aalto's operations. An individual activity, service or research may be subject to special regulations and separate rules and guidelines.

Aalto University Bylaws and Aalto University Foundation´s Constitution

Aalto University Bylaws

The present bylaws and other similar internal regulations of the university dictate the organisation of the foundation university’s operations and administration

Otaniemi campus in the summer

Aalto University Foundation’s Constitution

Aalto University Foundation’s Constitution

Drone image of Otaniemi campus in early December, light covering of snow everywhere, with low sun shining

Code of Conduct

Kaksi henkilöä kampuksella.

Code of Conduct - Values into practice

The Aalto University Code of Conduct is one way of putting our values and way of working — the foundation of our community culture — into practice

Aalto University

Export control and sanctions

Labour legislation
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