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NewEco: Towards a New European industrial ecosystem for strategic metals production

Potential complementarity and synergy between existing plants of 2 key European raw material producers, ERAMET and Boliden, led to the idea of a partnership between them to create a new short loop business for the European industry. With the support of universities experts in process thermodynamics, kinetics, and characterization, the development aims to create a new ecosystem that will consolidate production of strategic metals for the European Economy.
EIT Raw Materials Innovation Success Story New Eco

Project partners

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The role of Aalto University

Research Groups for Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Modelling and for Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion at Aalto University (FI) perform theory studies on the process kinetics and thermodynamics coupled to preliminary lab tests.

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The role of EIT RawMaterials

The EIT RawMaterials contribution to these achievements is supported by the NewEco project, which started in 2016. 

Outcome and impact of the project

ERAMET Sandouville plant were totally revamped during 11 months in 2017 and the logistic flows were redesigned as well as the treatment of coproducts. The new process will gradually ramp up until the end of 2018. The recycled intermediate from Sandouville plant will increase Boliden Harjavalta’s production.

Once ramped up, the site will process

25,000 tons

of matte per year

to produce

15,000 tons

of high-purity nickel metal

2,300 tons

of nickel content in various salts and liquids

400 tons

of cobalt


3,000 tons

of iron

It will increase Boliden Harjavalta’s production by

3,5oo tons

of copper

and more than

1000 kg’s

of gold, platinum, and palladium

Research groups and EIT Services

About EIT RawMaterials

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Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Modelling

Group led by Professor Daniel Lindberg

Aalto University/Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Modelling

Hydrometallurgy and Corrosion (Hydromet)

Group led by Professor Mari Lundström

Precious metals in crushed batteries being dissolved in a test tube. Photo: Glen Forde/Aalto Energy Platform
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