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Get your ideas off the ground, bring great ideas to life and take your innovation to the market.
Two researchers at the Aalto Bioproduct center demonstrating a research tool.

EIT Funding to support European Innovators

EIT Governing Board to provide unprecedented funding to deliver entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Aalto EIT Services

Why EIT?

EIT is not only a funding possibility but mainly a networking opportunity that can connect you with more than 1000 Partners in Europe. Find your future project partners!

Researchers will discover that the EIT provide them with direct access to companies’ research capacity.

EIT Innovatioin Project

Aim of EIT Innovation Projects

EIT Innovation Calls are intended to bring the technology to market, as a product, service or process.

It is expected that Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of at least 5 at the beginning of the project and at least 7 at the end of the project. 

Get your ideas off the ground, bring great ideas to life and take your innovation to the market


How does it work?

Check out how your idea can become a successful EIT Project and learn the rules that will make your project proposal outstanding. 

EIT Innovation Success Stories at Aalto

Aalto EIT Services

DigiEduHack 2020: Made in Aalto!

DigiEduHack, a major series of digital education hackathons, comes back for a second edition in November 2020!
EIT Raw Materials Innovation Success Story New Eco
Aalto EIT Services

NewEco: Towards a New European industrial ecosystem for strategic metals production

With the support of universities experts in process thermodynamics, kinetics, and characterization, the development aims to create a new ecosystem that will consolidate production of strategic metals for the European Economy.

Visiting address

Open Innovation House

A201, 2nd floor, Open Innovation House

Maarintie 6, Otaniemi

Ingrid Schembri

Project Manager
U420 Joint innovation

EIT Innovation Communities @Aalto

About EIT Digital

Driving Europe's digital transformation!

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About EIT RawMaterials

Boosting the competitiveness of the European raw materials sector via radical innovation!

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About EIT InnoEnergy

The innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe!

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About EIT Climate-KIC

Working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy!

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About EIT Urban Mobility

Accelerating solutions that improve our collective use of urban spaces

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About EIT Manufacturing

Inspire the creation of globally competitive and sustainable manufacturing

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