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Working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy!

EIT Climate-KIC

is uniquely placed to overcome the challenges of bringing climate-focused innovation to market. CKIC works on an innovation model of knowledge exchange and technology transfer called the knowledge helix. In this model, there are flows of knowledge and experimental learning between government, academia, industry, and civil society, feeding back on strategy and decision-making to create socially accountable policies and practices. This model of innovation and knowledge exchange aims to:connect expertise with resources and know-how help sectors overcome information silos and gaps in knowledge and information help reduce the risk associated with innovation by being the first to invest and support nurture the most innovative ideas and apply scientific insight to commercial contexts


    Retrofit and decentralise energy


    Blue & Green Infrastructure


    Clean urban mobility


    Nature forests


    Climate smart agriculture


    Reform food system


    Low carbon materials


    Industry transition


    Climate innovation cluster


    Risk & Decision Metrics


    Climate finance

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    Research & Art Published:

    I am passionate about collaboration between industry and academia

    Concerns about the climate, the world’s oil resources, and the availability of strategic raw materials have turned interest towards renewable and carbon-neutral natural resources in the production of energy, fuels and chemicals. Most of the world's industrial chemicals are still petroleum products but biorefineries are the game changers of future.
    Michael Hanf in his work.
    Cooperation, Studies Published:

    Alumnus Michael Hanf: Finland provides a great place to live and work

    ‘Helsinki caught my attention as it was different from the typical locations my fellow students selected.’ says Michael Hanf who came to do exchange studies at the then Helsinki School of Economics in the end of 1990s. After that he has been working in Finland and Germany and currently is the co-founder of Taival Advisory, helping clients to consider sustainability and circularity in their strategic decision making.
    Research & Art Published:

    Nobody can make it alone in the circular economy - How can indicators solve the challenges of the circular economy?

    The efficient use and exchange of information are considered fundamental aspects for the prosperity of ecosystems, being them natural or industrial. Consequently, data sharing becomes a requisite for successful circular economy models since, by definition, they require the collaborative interaction of various actors throughout the value chain of materials and products. However, there are significant data gaps that currently prevent the implementation of circular economy in practice.
    Vihreä jätesäiliö, joka on täynnä kirkasta kalvomuovijätettä.
    Press releases Published:

    26 kg of film plastic waste is generated in the construction of one apartment building – a new, free tool helps with recycling

    For the first time, researchers at Aalto University examined how much film plastics is produced in the construction of apartment blocks.

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    EIT Climate-KIC is uniquely placed to overcome the challenges of bringing climate-focused innovation to market.

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    EIT Climate-KIC is looking to support ambitious initiatives with a clear pathway to positive climate impact, consistent with the Paris Agreement targets and our Climate Innovation Impact Goals.

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