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Teaching at Aalto Acoustics Lab

Professors of the Aalto Acoustics Lab provide Master's level teaching in the major of Acoustics and Audio Technology, and doctoral courses in the research field of Acoustics and Speech Technology. All our teaching for Master's and doctoral students is in English.

The application period for Master's studies in Acoustics and Audio Technology is from 30 Nov 2023 until 2 Jan 2024!
Tapio Lokki luennoi konserttisalien akustiikasta
Professor Tapio Lokki lectures on concert hall acoustics at the Aalto Acoustics Lab.

The major in Acoustics and Audio Technology belongs to the Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences (CCIS) at Aalto University. The nominal duration of the degree of the Master of Science in Technology is two years. The degree contains 120 ECTS points of study, which includes the Master's thesis (30 ECTS). The major consists of five regular courses in acoustics, a seminar (Acoustics or Audio Technology Seminar), and optional courses. The Acoustics and Audio Technology Seminars have a different topic each year, so it is possible to take it more than once. All Master-level courses are given in English.

The application period for the Master's program will open in December. The studies will begin in September of the following year.

The Aalto Acoustics Lab also provides courses on sound and music computing with a particular focus on interaction in the Master’s Programme in Sound in New Media. Furthermore, there are many related courses provided by other professors and departments, such as speech and signal processing courses provided by the Department of Information and Communications Engineering.

Doctoral studies in the research field of Acoustics and Speech Technology are arranged by the Aalto School of Electrical Engineering. Doctoral students can take the Acoustics and Audio Technology Seminars and other courses, which are indicated with code “D” or “P” (for Doctoral/Postgraduate courses). It is also possible to two include Master’s courses in the doctoral degree, such as some of those provided in the AAT Master's major or other suitable courses from different schools of Aalto. The education in the doctoral program is given in English. The nominal duration of doctoral studies is four years, and it contains 40 ECTS credits worth of courses and a doctoral dissertation based on the student's own research. The requisites for doctoral studies include a Master's degree with a thesis and sufficiently high grades from a related area. The application for doctoral studies can be submitted at any time of the year. Applications are processed on a monthly basis, except for July.

Additionally, the Aalto Acoustics Lab organizes the course ELEC-C5341 “Sound and Speech Processing” (Äänen- ja puheenkäsittely) in Finnish for BSc students.

Sound is a pleasant thing to study!

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