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Aalto Brain Centre

Aalto Brain Centre (ABC) is a strategic initiative within the Aalto University School of Science. ABC relies on the strong expertise of the school's research teams in systems neuroscience, neurotechnology, signal analysis, machine learning, network analysis, brain imaging, psychology, cognitive science, clinical neuroscience, naturalistic neuroscience, physics, and engineering.
Image courtesy of Mika Seppä

Aalto Brain Centre (ABC) is a thematic center formed by research teams of several departments of the Aalto University School of Science.

ABC aims to stimulate synergy and collaboration in research on systems-level neuroscience, neuroimaging, and neurotechnology, including deep questions of human brain function as well as development of clinical applications, novel instrumentation, and sophisticated data analysis.

Aalto Brain Centre supports networking, international cooperation, training and workshops, researcher mobility and scholarly visits. Extended multidisciplinary coalitions are preferred over single-group projects.

In ABC, resources will be allocated to research creating added value. The criteria include scientific excellence, relevance to neuroscience and neurotechnology, and a credible and committed team. In addition, ABC will allocate the resources to existing and new research projects within Aalto, eliminating bottlenecks from research by, for example, providing bridge funding and augmenting existing funding to guarantee efficient use of imaging resources within Aalto.

ABC will also advance efficient use of the Aalto NeuroImaging infrastructures, participate in teaching, endorse communication between the research teams, as well as reach out to the wider Aalto community and the society.

The presenters in the ABC seminar include researchers from different departments and schools within Aalto as well as visitors. The ABC seminar thus acts as a meeting point for scientists working in the fields of neuroscience and neurotechnology and thus facilitates fortunate strokes of serendipity.

Director and the Executive Board

ABC is lead by Prof. Lauri Parkkonen together with an executive board whose  current members are:

  • Professor Synnöve Carlson (attention and memory)
  • Professor Risto Ilmoniemi (brain imaging and stimulation technologies)
  • Professor Samuel Kaski (machine learning for neuroscience)
  • Professor Riitta Salmelin (imaging neuroscience)
  • Professor Mikko Sams (cognitive neuroscience)


Lauri Parkkonen, Associate Professor

tel. +358 40 508 9712
[email protected]

Visiting address:

Rakentajanaukio 2 C, room F351



Defence of dissertation in the field of systems neuroscience, Timo Saarinen, MA Psych

Rhythmic cortical waves reflect production of speech and hand motor sequences locally and within interregional networks
Brain Twitter Conference 2019 #brainTC Neuroscience making an impact
Conferences and workshops

3rd Annual Brain Twitter Conference to take place on March 14th!

Call for papers is now open for the 3rd Brain Twitter Conference! This neuroscience conference is international, open, free, zero-carbon and takes place in #brainTC

Defence of dissertation in the field of systems neuroscience, Tomi Karjalainen, M.Sc. (Tech.)

The title of the dissertation is "Opioidergic regulation of human affiliative behavior: Evidence from positron emission tomography studies"
Conferences and workshops

7th Science Factory: TMS–EEG Summer School and Workshop

The Science Factory aims at continuing to enhance the interaction and discussion within the international TMS–EEG community.