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Woodworking Shop

The Woodworking Shop is a learning and research environment and an expert in wood materials, woodworking and jointing techniques. The most important fields of activity are the design of furniture and objects and artistic activities. The Woodworking Shop offers students, researchers and teachers the space, equipment and staff they need to create prototypes, artistic activities and short-run production using wood materials.
Arts_Infra - Wood Workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

Facilities, equipment, tools and materials

The Woodworking Shop includes a machine room which has the basic machines used in the wood industry as well as an assembly area equipped with hand tools. There is a paint shop for surface treatment which can be used for brush and spray painting.

Facilities, equipment, tools and materials

Basic wood industry machines and techniques are used in the machine room. To work in the machine room, users must have completed an orientation. The materials used are different types of wood, wooden boards and wood composites.

Main woodworking methods

  • sawing: circular saw and band saw
  • planing: surface planer and thickness planer
  • grinding: surface grinding, narrow belt grinding, free-hand grinding and sanding
  • milling: plunge router and spindle moulder
  • woodturning
  • different hand tools
  • painting and surface treatment

The assembly area has hand tools and equipment for different glueing, grinding and assembly tasks.

Main woodworking methods

  • assembling by glueing
  • in-mould lamination
  • grinding and finishing the surface
  • dowel joints, lamello and domino joints

There is a paint shop for surface treatment which can be used for brush and spray painting. The paint shop has a drying oven for hardening the paints and glues.

Work permits and orientation

The workshop masters organise an orientation at the beginning of the term or courses and grant the work permits. Working in the machine room is allowed during the service hours and requires a work permit.

Location:  Otaniementie 14, Väre building, floor G, room M001.

Service times:  Mon 13.00-16.00, Tue-Wed 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00

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