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Väre Takeout Lockers

Väre Takeout has lockers for pickup and return outside office hours to increase flexibility of the system. Instructions for use on this page.
Map showing Väre Takeout lockers
Map showing Väre Takeout lockers

Covid-19 update

During the covid pandemia we recommend using your own device to enter the locker code when picking up your reservations. Use a QR reader to access the web page to enter your personal PIN code.

If your electronic key doesn't work on locker room door keycard reader (even though it's valid and works on other doors) contact Väre info desk for help.


If you have a reservation to return and the office is closed, you can just place the equipment in a locker and make sure the gets locked. The Takeout staff will find your returned items there. No need to send us a message as long as your return is in time.

Pick ups

If you plan to pick up your reservation outside office hours, or find yourself unavailable to pick up the items on time, you can arrange a locker pickup by  sending us an email. If you haven't received the pin code to your main email feed or as an sms, please check your spam mailbox. After taking your items from the locker please leave the locker open for the next user. Note: we may remove the items from the locker if it hasn't been picked up and the lockers are needed for other users.

More detailed instructions

Returning your reservation to a locker

Find an empty locker, place the equipment you are returning inside and close the locker door. Please make sure the door is properly closed.

Takeout staff will find the equipment from the locker.

  • In case there are any missing items, you’ll be contacted later
  • If you found any issues with the equipment, please send us an email

Picking up your reservation

If you are planning on picking up the items outside office hours, or if the Takeout staff wants to migitate rush hours beforehand, items will be placed in a locker and the lendee will receive a PIN code via email and a sms message.

Please send us an email to [email protected] if you want to arrange a locker pickup or if you find yourself unable to pick up your reservation in time. Remember to mention or discuss if you need something included in your loan, e.g. cables or other extra equipment.

After receiving your PIN code, enter the code to the device, see a locker open and find equipment there. Please leave the locker door open.

Background info

Some of our equipment has a very high rate of usage and demand. By using the lockers we can provide more flexibility in terms of when returns and pick ups can be handled. Returning equipment in the appointed time is important since there will likely be a next project right after another.
Likewise, picking up the equipment in time is important, some projects are very short and could use the equipment that mightlater be found available due to being unfetched. Unfetched reservations will be cancelled at the end of the day.

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