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Sharing Large Files for Printing

If you need to work with large-sized files in the Printlab, we suggest to use Microsoft OneDrive to share files among students and workshop masters. OneDrive is a cloud solution that allows to access your own files on different workstation computers as well - without installing any software!
Microsoft OneDrive Logo

How to use OneDrive in the Printlab

All ARTS students at Aalto have access to Microsoft OneDrive. You can login to OneDrive with your Aalto email address ([email protected]).

The following tutorial concerns the web-version of OneDrive, since it can be accessed on all computers and does not require an installation. However, the menu options to share files are similar in the installed version.

See the link below for a guide to install OneDrive on your personal computer.

Installing OneDrive on your Personal Computer

OneDrive: Quick Guide

OneDrive allows you store your files in one place, share them with others, and get to them from any device connected to the Internet. Every user at Aalto University gets 5 TB of OneDrive storage for free. This guide helps you get started.

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