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NC machining

The NC Machining/Processing Workshop is a learning environment for digital model production as well as an expert source of numerical machining/processing methods. A five-axle processing centre for wood and model building materials, three-axle machining centre for metals, and NC lathe are available.
Arts_Infra - NC milling workshop by Jaakko Kahilaniemi

The most pivotal operational fields are furniture and object design as well as artistic activities.  Students and researchers can make prototypes or models in addition to learning the use of digital production methods.

Equipment available for use:

- Five-axle processing centre for wood, plastics and model building materials: machining/processing area size 1,630 X 2,600 X 950, BACCI Master

- Three-axle machining centre for metals, machining area size 406 X 762 X 508,  Haas VF-2

- NC tool lathe, Haas TL-1

The most important partners are Waterjet cutting and Lasercutting, 3D printing, Wood Workshop, Metal Workshop

Work authorisations and orientation training

The workshop masters arrange orientation training at the beginning of the academic term or courses. Independent working is not possible: working requires a mastery of 3D modelling. 

Location:  Otaniementie 14, Väre G Floor, Rooms L006 and K006.

Service times:  Mon 13:00–16:00, Tues–Wed 9:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00


You can send feedback regarding the operations of the workshop or your suggestions for its development to: [email protected]. Please write “NC Workshop” in the subject heading.

For contact information and to reserve space in the workshop, please log into the Aalto website.

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