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The University Pathway Finland programme consists of courses in mathematics, programming, the Finnish language and culture, English language and academic skills that prepare students for university studies in Finland. The study programme for both routes is the same.

About the pathway studies

Studying in the pathway programme is part-time, and the courses stretch evenly over ten months, divided into five teaching periods (7-8 weeks per period). Pathway students study on average 6 ECTS credits in each period.

One ECTS credit equals roughly 27 hours of work for the student. The actual workload can vary depending on the student’s skill level. The estimated ECTS workload includes all the work required for the student to complete the course: independent course-related studying, online classes, exercises, assignments, and other forms of instruction, as well as exams.

The courses

We will publish a course calendar and links to course descriptions on this website later in spring 2023.

Most pathway courses are Bachelor level, and you can apply for credit transfer to your degree in the progression degree programme. Please note that the Preparatory English course does not substitute a language certificate required in admissions.

Course guide 2023-2024

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Progression to degree studies

Please note that the progression conditions are tentative and subject to change until each university has made its academic decision concerning admissions criteria for 2024. These decisions will be made in May-June 2023, depending on the university. At the same time, each university decides on the quota reserved for students applying with their pathway results. These decisions will define the number of students accepted to the pathway programme.

To progress to degree studies in 2024, the pathway students need to:

  1. Apply in a separate admission for pathway students in May 2024 (in the science & technology route, students need to apply to all progression options to secure a study place)
  2. Pass all the pathway courses
  3. Meet the threshold condition set by the university (a minimum GPA of specific pathway courses)
  4. Submit an English language certificate by the end of the separate admission (IELTS 6.0 level)
  5. Submit a certificate demonstrating eligibility for Bachelor's degree studies 

The threshold conditions and the list of accepted language certificates will be decided with the admissions criteria and published later in spring 2023.

Students who meet the above conditions will be offered a place in one of the progression programmes. In the science & technology route, the offered place may be in another programme than the one the student has prioritised. The placing of the students depends on the students’ prioritisation and study results.

The science & technology route progression programmes

Science and Engineering, Tampere University (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree 3+2 years)

  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Computing and Electrical Engineering

Digitalisation, Computing and Electronics, University of Oulu (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree 3+2 years)

  • Electronics and Communications Engineering 
  • Computer Science and Engineering 
  • Information Processing Science 

The economics route progression programme

Economics, Aalto University (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree 3+2 years)

Get to know the degree programmes

Tablets and other electronical equipment

Bachelor's Programme in Computing and Electrical Engineering, Tampere University (external link)

This cross-disciplinary degree programme provides you with a solid grounding in several core fields of engineering and the ability to follow rapid technological developments and apply scientific methods.

Group of university students in overalls

Bachelor's Programme in Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Tampere University (external link)

This cross-disciplinary degree programme provides you with a solid grounding in several core fields of engineering and the ability to follow rapid technological developments and apply scientific methods.

Student sitting outside of the School of Business building

Economics, Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) and Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

The Economics programme provides tools and knowledge to understand and explain current phenomena in the world from an economic perspective.

Study options

Learn about other routes to studying in Finland

Campus area in Hervanta, Tampere

Bachelor's programmes at Tampere University (external link)

Tampere University offers a selection of bachelor's programmes taught entirely in English.

students in Aalto library

Applying to Bachelor's Programmes

The application period for bachelor's programmes in English is 4–18 January 2023 for studies starting in autumn 2023.

Admission Services
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