This is how we created our living strategy

This is how we created our living strategy

How does the upcoming decade look like in research and education? What choices should Aalto make to prosper? 

In 2019, we created our new living strategy together with Aalto community and our stakeholders.

We have adopted a living strategy approach tailored for a world in motion. Our purpose, values, and way of working define our long-term direction while our choices are proactively and continuously re-evaluated. You are welcome to contribute!

Our current strategy will continue throughout 2020, and the new strategy will come into effect on 1 January 2021.

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Aalto University strategy portal

Thank you for your input so far! Stay tuned to participate in the future discussions as well.

See the discussions we had in our strategy preparations in 2019.
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Students studying at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre

Your views are valued

We appreciate the expertise and vision of both our community and our stakeholders, and therefore you are always welcome to contribute to our living strategy.

Aalto personnel and students gathered together to talk about strategy

This is how we did it together

We invited all members of Aalto community from personnel to students and our stakeholders to join our strategy preparation process. During 2019, a total of 820 Aaltoes participated in four community events open to all. Besides these, there were a number of workshops and other events organized by departments and units. From all these and online, we received a total of over 3300 comments. All feedback was analysed and taken into account during the process.

As part of a number of processes and working groups, we analyzed our operating environment and examined our own actions. Also, the students looked at the megatrends. We utilised a large variety of background materials and evolving documents that were categorized and updated constantly online. Background materials consisted of, for example, the Research, Art and Impact Assessment (RAI evaluation 2018), the annual University review and other future-oriented documents such as Art and creative practices, Campus vision, Digital Aalto, Service vision, Lifelong learning and Educational portfolio.

Materials for Aalto community (requires log-in)

See the current strategy (2016-2020)

See our new strategy

See, hear, feel!

The quality of thinking improves when hundreds of people contribute to the formulation of strategy, says Assistant Professor Timo Vuori.

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Timo Vuori pitämässä esitystä Aalto-yliopiston uuden strategian valmistelun kickoff-tilaisuudessa. Kuvaaja: Mikko Raskinen.

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Ilmakuva Väreestä ja Kauppakorkeakoulusta. Taivas upean punakeltainen. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mika Huisman
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Strategy preparation process in the final stage

The Board will discuss the strategy next week - check out the material we prepared together!
People at Aalto University strategy bazaar, September 2019, photo Mikko Raskinen
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Strategy preparations proceed to the finalising stage

In October workshops, the strategic choices and emphasis points of identified development areas will be worked on. Participate – you can still make a difference!
Two persons discussing in Aalto University community event on new strategy
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The next stage of the strategy process - there's still time for your input!

At the community event on 18 September, we will focus on discussing our strategic choices and emphasis points. 
Aalto-yliopiston yhteisötilaisuus strategiasta 21.5.2019, kuva Jaakko Kahilaniemi
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Community event greenlights university's cornerstones

The university’s values, purpose and way of working will be presented to the board for discussion in June.

Contact us

Our strategy work is coordinated by Raili Pönni, Head of Planning and Leadership Support, Antti Saaristo, Senior Advisor and Marja Niemi, Development Manager.

For any questions regarding the strategy, please contact [email protected].

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