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Previous events, workshops, lectures and seminars associated with HYBER research
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  • 5.–26.9.2019
    Exhibition: New Silk - What can we learn from spiders?
    How to produce new types of silk-like materials in the context of synthetic biology 
  • 27.-29.5.2019
    Workshop: NANTECH2019
    Brings together scientists working on various aspects of Nucleic Acid Nanotechnology to discuss recent advances, fundamental challenges and emerging trends of this fascinating research field.
  • 20.3.2019
    Event: Synthetic Biology Reverse Pitch Competition Kick-Off
    From waste to wealth - Microbes to the rescue! Can microbes turn waste into useful products, can we purify water with new biopolymers? Or feed old rugs to microbes?

Lectures & Seminars

  • 14.5.2019
    Invited Lecture: European Merck Lecture 2019 
    Prof. Rafal Klajn, hosted by Aalto Distinguished Professor Olli Ikkala
    From new dynamically self-assembling materials to chemical reactivities in confined environments 
  • 15.2.2019 
    Seminar: PHYS brown bag seminar series 
    Hang Zhang (Molecular Materials): Programming hydrogel with a classical conditioning algorithm
  • 7.6.2019
    Seminar: PHYS brown bag seminar series
    Grégory Beaune (Active Matter): Response of model tissues to frequency-dependent aspiration
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