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Sisu has replaced Oodi as the core information system for teaching and learning at Aalto University

From 9 August, Sisu will take Oodi’s place as Aalto’s student information system. Registrations for courses in period I begin 16 August 2021.

Sisu is the new, core information system for teaching and studies. It is replacing Aalto’s previously used system, Oodi. Sisu has already been used by students during the 2020–2021 academic year for composing personal study plans (HOPS). As of 9 August 2021, Sisu will be the sole system in use, and Oodi will be archived. 

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For new students  

  • Welcome to the Aalto community (into.aalto.fi)  
  • Accepting Aalto’s offer of admission (into.aalto.fi) 
  • Note! Some new students can activate their Aalto IT account only from Tue 10 August 2021: students who have accepted their study places in August and students whose activation of Aalto IT account has resulted in an error message due to an incorrect telephone number and / or e-mail address. Correction of incorrect information on Sisu must first be requested from the student services, after which the Aalto IT account can be activated. Read more

For students who have applied for graduation via Sisu

There is a delay in the processing of the summer 2021 graduation requests due to Aalto’s switch from Oodi to Sisu. All requests will be processed as soon as possible. If you have received a request from Kela to provide information on your graduation, you can ask Kela for an extended processing time. Tell Kela that the delay is caused by circumstances outside of your control, namely Aalto’s new study information system.

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