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Service break from 31 July to 8 August as Sisu replaces Oodi

This page provides you with instructions and links about actions you may need to take due to the break in services. Beginning on 9 August, Sisu will take Oodi’s place as Aalto’s student information system. Use Sisu to register for Period I courses.

Sisu is the new, core information system for teaching and studies. It is replacing Aalto’s existing system, Oodi. Sisu has already been used by students during the 2020–2021 academic year for composing personal study plans (HOPS). As of 9 August 2021, Sisu will be the sole system in use, and Oodi will be archived. 

During the transition (31 July to 8 August), neither Oodi nor Sisu will be in available. In systems that utilise Oodi and Sisu data, information on students and studies will not be updated during the break.   

If you need a temporary certificate of your bachelor’s degree (for example, if you are going to another university to complete your master’s degree), contact [email protected]  

Please note, it will not be possible during the service break (31 July to 8 August) to do the following:  

  • Enrol for the academic year (new student enrolment by 28 July at the latest via My Studyinfo and Oili enrolment service)
  • Order a transcript of study records or a certificate of student status  
  • Register for courses  
  • Obtain a temporary certificate of a master’s degree or a doctorate  
  • Update HOPS
  • Browse Sisu to see the selection of courses offered (However, courses.aalto.fi and MyCourses will be available.)  
  • Apply for graduation  
  • Apply for a transfer of credits  

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