Accessibility statement for AaltoSDG mobile application

AaltoSDG is a mobile application available for Android and iOS users.

Aalto University and its AaltoSDG mobile application are subject to the EU's accessibility directive, the aim of which is to ensure equality in a digitalized society and set uniform requirements for accessibility. 

The AaltoSDG mobile application was launched on 8.1.2020. The application’s current accessibility standard is WCAG 2.1, level AA. The requirements of the Directive have been taken into account in the development of the application, and the work continues. The information in this statement is based on accessibility assessment by Geniem Ltd as well as self-assessment.   

Aalto University is committed to observing accessibility standards. The following measures are implemented in order to achieve this goal: 

  • accessibility is part of our mission statement, 

  • accessibility has been taken into account in the university practices, 

  • a member of staff has been appointed to be responsible for accessibility at the university 

  • IT Solution Owner has been appointed to be responsible for implementation of accessibility regarding his/her digital solutions 

Aalto University's objective is to maintain a mobile application that is technically accessible and understandable in terms of its contents and that is clear and easy to use for all types of users. 

The AaltoSDG mobile application largely meets the requirements for accessibility. However, there are certain colours and colour combinations used in the app that cannot be altered due to brand/IPR restrictions. Some of these colour combinations may contain contrast issues. Examples of using such colours include 

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals logos and icons 

  • Aalto University brand colours 

If you notice any deficiencies regarding the accessibility of the site, you can provide feedback to: [email protected] 

We will respond to your feedback within two weeks, at the latest. 

We are actively working to address the accessibility issues that have been identified. 

This summary was created on 2.12.2020. 

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