Sustainability Action Booster

Apply for the grant!

Apply for the Sustainability Action Booster expense grant!

Application periods, 2024:

  1. On-going call for applications between € 500 – € 5 000! *

    • *Please note that applications are not processed during common holidays in Finland
    • *Sustainability Action Booster has funding secured until the end of 2024, so we're currently primarily looking for actions that are implemented and ready before the end of 2024.
  2. Call for grant applications between € 5 001 – € 10 000:   

    • 26.2.2024–10.3.2024 
    • 26.8.2024–15.9.2024

Apply for the grant!

  1. Check out the grant criteria and guidelines.
  2. Download our budget template below and fill it while sharpening your idea.
  3. Pick the grant size that suits you the best and just hit one of the buttons below to jump to the application form. 

    Easy as that!
Close-up of a foot wearing a tennis shoe. The person is just about to step on a banana peel. In front, orange text reads €5000.

Apply for a €500–€5000 grant! (external link)

Ongoing call for communal sustainability action ideas!*

Illustrative image of a large crowd, with the text €10,000 in the foreground..

Apply for a €5,001-€10,000 grant! (external link)

Applications for our larger grants are open at predetermined times, twice in 2024.

Download our budget template and use it when applying for the grant

The grant is awarded according to the application and the budget estimate. Please download our budget template and use it when applying for the grant. We've strived to make your budget planning easy!

Contact us and let's talk more!

 Jasmin Järvinen

Jasmin Järvinen

Sustainability Action Booster project lead


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