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School of Chemical Engineering Learning Services

The core task of the Learning Services is to take care of students’ planned progress in their studies in line with the goals set by the university. CHEM Learning services carries out this task cooperation with the degree programmes, departments and students as well as other service organisations. The university-level Learning Services Unit functions as a support for the school’s Learning Services.

Student advisors

If you have any questions regarding your studies at CHEM or if you want to pick up your lab pass, you can visit the reception at the times below without an appointment. The student advisor desk is in the main lobby of Kemistintie 1 opposite the lobby services.

Program Student advisor Reception times, period III
CHEM bachelor programmes

Maria Pikhtina
Aarni Aspi
Email: [email protected]

telegram: @MariaPikhtina

Aarni: Wed 12-16, Thu 13-16, Fri 10-12 and   13-16.

Maria: Mon 10-12 and 13-15, Tue 13-15, Wed 10-12

CHEM master's programmes

Oona Mollberg
Email: [email protected]

telegram: @oonamollberg

Wed 9–11
Student guidance in Swedish

Mikaela Kumlin
Email: [email protected]


Tue 10 - 12.30
Exchange guidance

Mariam Jalomie
[email protected]

telegram: @mariamjalomie

Thu 9-12


Student service desk

Tuesdays 12.30–14.30
Thursdays 9.30–11.30

Room C208, Kemistintie 1

Email: [email protected]

Exceptions: currently there are no exceptions to office hours.

Master studies

Anja Hänninen

Planning Officer
Chemical and Process Engineering, Sustainable Metals Processing; BIOCEB, SELECT, EMC, AAE, Energy Storage

Pauliina Ketola

Planning Officer
Master's Portfolio Renewal project (2024)

Anna Mäkilä

Planning Officer
Biotechnology, Fibre and Polymer Eng; Biosystems and Biomaterials Eng (LifeTech), CS, AMIS, Polymer Technology
 Juha Oksa

Juha Oksa

Study Affairs Secretary
Life Science Technologies, Creative Sustainability

Tiia Soininen

Planning Officer
Chemistry, Functional Materials, Biomass Refining, IDBM
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Contact information for Learning Services

Contact information for Learning Services

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