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Master's Programme in International Design Business Management - MSc in Technology (CHEM, ELEC, ENG, SCI)

IDBM is a pioneering and renowned study programme that truly embodies the vision of Aalto by integrating design and technology with global business development. Through transdisciplinary teamwork and real-life business challenges provided by our prominent industry partners, the programme prepares students as the next generation of creative professionals. IDBM is uniquely positioned as the only programme offered in all six schools of Aalto, allowing programme graduates to earn a Master’s degree in either business, design or technology.
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Master of Science (Technology)

Application period:

1.12.2020 – 4.1.2021

Language of instruction:



2 years, full-time


Relevant Bachelor's degree

Field of study:

Technology and Engineering


120 ECTS

Organising school:

School of Chemical Engineering

Tuition fees:

For non-EU/EEA citizens, €15000/y (Master’s studies)

The application period has closed

Admission to Master of Science in Technology, Architecture or Landscape Architecture (2 yrs)

Study objectives

We do not work in silos, so why should we study in one? IDBM students tackle complex, real-life challenges in multidisciplinary teams and develop holistic perspectives of tomorrow’s challenges. The programme embraces design more broadly as a method, mindset and competitive advantage. It does so by focusing on product, service and business design, technology and innovation management. IDBM graduates have:

  • The ability to work in and lead diverse teams. Graduates have discovered and unlocked their potential in multidisciplinary teams. They have developed important interpersonal and communications skills through collaborative industry projects. Become an effective team player by improving vital project management skills. 
  • A forward-looking view of the world. Graduates possess knowledge about current and future trends shaping organisations and societies.
  • Not only business sense but design and tech-savviness. Graduates have expanded their competence achieved in business by bringing in design and technical perspectives to gain a more holistic view on how to create value for end-users. 
  • Competence to manage, develop and lead design-driven strategies. Graduates have gained insight into how design is managed and how can its impact be evaluated and analysed. They have learnt from industry leaders how to create new ideas and execute them with design-driven strategies and processes.

Upon graduation from the IDBM programme, graduates are ready to take on significant roles in teams working in the intersection of design, business and technology. They are able to drive innovation and lead initiatives to undertake new business ventures in global environments.

Language of instruction

The language of instruction is English.

Study contents

All master students from the three tracks (DesignScience and TechnologyBusiness) will study the same compulsory IDBM major courses during the first year of studies. The courses include topics such as creative teamworkbusiness model designcorporate entrepreneurship and global virtual teamwork. One of the core IDBM major courses is the six-month long Industry Project where multi-disciplinary student teams work together on real-life challenges provided by industry partners. In addition to the major studies, students are expected to complete specialisation studies in his/her own field. The amount of specialisation studies vary between IDBM study options. Further information: and

Tuition fees

The tuition fee is €15 000 per academic year for non-EU/EEA students. More information

Structure of studies

The programme includes in total 120 cr:

  •       40 cr IDBM major studies
  •       20-30 cr engineering specialisation/minor studies
  •       20-30 cr electives    
  •       30 cr thesis

Career opportunities

IDBM prepares you for a career in creative industries and in organisations that draw on creativity, design and technology as key components of their competitive positioning. These career opportunities exist both in large multinationals and in startups, in a variety of fields as organisations are starting to recognise the importance of design in retaining their relevance and creating better value. In positions ranging from service design to design and strategy, IDBM graduates leverage design to create new products and services, often involving the latest technology.

Aalto University has well-established career services which help you get employed in Finland and abroad. Aalto students tend to find good positions with ease upon their graduation. There is also a very active entrepreneurship community at Aalto, which can help as a springboard for founding a company. Finally, if an academic career is of interest, the Master’s programme in International Design Business Management is a great foundation for doctoral studies and post-doc positions.


Aalto University also offers diverse possibilities for developing one’s global competence by

  • choosing courses with intercultural approach, learning foreign languages and/or becoming a student tutor for international students
  • completing part of the degree abroad in an international partner university as an exchange student
  • conducting practical training or Master’s thesis abroad
  • taking a summer course abroad

Co-operation with other parties

IDBM is a truly multidisciplinary programme that embodies the vision of Aalto: a community of bold thinkers, where science and art meet technology and business. You have the entirely unique opportunity to study and work together with ambitious students from the schools of ARTS, Business, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Science.  

Aalto University is well-known for bridging disciplines of business, arts, technology and science. The lively campus and freedom of choosing elective courses across the University bring students from different fields under one roof. This spontaneous multidisciplinary environment sparks new ideas, gathers enthusiasts around them and gives birth to friendships, networks, and every so often, startups.

Postgraduate study opportunities

IDBM graduates are eligible to apply for doctoral studies.

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Admission requirements


Programme-specific admission requirements

To be considered for admission, the applicant must fulfil the minimum requirements for the studies leading to a M.Sc. degree in Technology. The minimum requirements include good academic performance and previous studies compatible with the degree studies.

The applicants are evaluated and ranked on the basis of the criteria below based on the submitted application documents. The student selection process is competitive. Not all eligible applicants will be admitted and there is no minimum quota.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Contact information

You can read more about the programme on the programme’s website.

The application period has closed

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