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Come as you are.

Some think Finns are a little strange, in a good way. Yes, it's true. We host the world championships in swamp footballtake a dip in icy water in the winter, are fanatics about saunas and have the most heavy metal bands per capita in the world.

On the other hand, Finland is renowned for its sensibleness and practicality. We top international comparisons in education, equality, safety and quality of life. People can be trusted and everyone is taken care of. We have plenty of ‘sisu’, or guts: we never give up.

This is the secret of Finland’s strength and allure and at Aalto University, you get to experience this for yourself.

You will see how important technology, design, creativity and startup culture are in Finland. We are known for our world-class engineers, tech gurus, architects, designers and artists. Finland is the home of the Moomins and Angry Birds. And Santa Claus, of course.

You will also see that although Finland is one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet, nature plays an essential role in the daily lives and identity of Finns – it’s never too far from your doorstep even in cities. Finns and visitors alike love the Baltic Sea, the archipelagolakes and forests that offer the chance to hike, cross-country cycle, ski or run – and freely pick berries and mushrooms.

Finland is a unique, humorous and hip country that doesn’t fit in a box – allowing people to be themselves. Finland suits everybody.

Helsinki City

About Finland

Finland is a beautiful country in the heart of the nordics that offers a healthy balance between urban living and stunning nature.

Aalto University Espoo Finland Winter

Why Finland

Finland’s excellent reputation in education, combined with a wide range of courses offered in English, makes Finland an attractive study destination for international students. Finland is a world leader in information technology, business, design and many other academically centred fields. 

Aalto University students at Aalto Party during the opening of the Academic Year. Photo by Aalto University / Aino Huovio


With a combination of western and eastern influences, Finnish culture has developed into something strong and highly individual. It reflects the democratic principles of the nation and is based on equality of all people.

City Park

Metro Area

Helsinki together with the neighbouring cities of Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa forms the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (or Helsinki Region) with more than a million inhabitants. 

Kids Flow


As a place to study, work or raise children, Finland is hard to beat. The safe environment is one factor in Finland being ranked as the Number One Country the World, in a study conducted by America’s Newsweek.

Aalto University - Walking in the woods


Finland’s countryside is blessed with vast expanses of forest and over 180,000 picturesque lakes. Hidden amongst this beautiful natural setting you’ll find over half a million summer cottages. 

Sompa Sauna

Tale of two cities.

Want to be at the heart of where it’s all happening? Welcome to Aalto University, located in Espoo, just 10 minutes metro way from Helsinki, in Finland’s most dynamic but laid-back region, the metropolitan area of 1.1 million inhabitants along the shores of the Baltic Sea.

You can easily get around by walking, cycling or public transport. Finns speak good English, which is especially the case in universities and top-quality services. Many people from around the world have made Helsinki their home because of the ease of living and relaxed pace.

Aalto campuses are fine examples of the many-sided nature of Finland: surrounded by vibrant urban life and tranquil nature, large companies and cool startups, great opportunities for sports and culture. If you want to hang out with interesting people, take part in events and get to know surrounding areas, the opportunities are endless. If, on the other hand, you’re after some peace and quiet, you will easily find inspiring places to study, enjoy the outdoors and relax.

The multidisciplinary Aalto community is known for its open, international atmosphere and networks. The campuses offer versatile student life including events, clubs and recreation. Helsinki and Espoo provide endless things to do and see – often for free or at a student discount. Perhaps you’d like to take part in a foodie event or film festival, have a sauna and swim at the main market square, see some mesmerizing art or hang out at a café? On a side note – Finns drink coffee every chance they get: we are the biggest coffee guzzlers in the world!

Student life

Aalto has six schools with around 12 000 students and 4000 employees of which close to 400 are professors. Our campus is located in the city of Espoo, in the Greater Helsinki area in Finland. With 40% of our academic faculty coming from outside Finland, we are a highly international community with strong academic standing.

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