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Read and watch stories from Aalto students and alumni on student life in Finland, interesting school projects, making an impact through studies and finding unique career paths.

A community for students from all over the world

Finnish universities are known for their vibrant student life and strong sense of community. Aalto University is no exception. Take a look at some of our international students' stories about studying at Aalto and finding their place in Finland. 

Stian Kroken at the Aalto University campus.

Student Stian Kroken enjoys the Finnish sauna culture and Aalto's diverse course selection

Stian studies Electrical Power and Energy Engineering and he has extended his studies to a double degree with the Reykjavik University in Iceland.

Ayse Pekdiker - blog post image 1

My experience at Aalto University as an international student and an employee

After one month of work, our Program Assistant Ayse at Aalto University Summer School shares her experiences.

Student Miro-Markus Nikula

International cooperation and surfing in Portugal - Miro-Markus Nikula is studying his master's in a double degree programme

Miro-Markus is studying Communications and Data Science, and he is looking forward to a year in Lisbon and has already started studying Portuguese.

Student Even Giske

Student Even Giske thinks the professionalism of the staff and teachers is the best thing at Aalto University

Even thinks that the the city, the high standard facilities at Aalto, the fantastic public transportation, and the cheap dinner in the cafeteria make the whole student experience easy and great.

Group pucture taken at the stairs in Väre of happy Digital Business students, smiling and waving to the camera.

‘Finland and Aalto have given me a whole new view on digital business’

International students experienced the Finnish spring and deepened their knowledge of digital business at the Aalto University Summer School’s Digital Business course in March.

Picture of Roman Suran

Student Roman Suran wanted to give back and became an international tutor

Roman finds tutoring rewarding, because he has made friends from all around the world and learned to get along with people from different backgrounds


A chance to make an impact

Are you driven by the thought of making a positive impact on societal issues? If so, Aalto is the right place for you. Students at Aalto are determined to make the world a better place with design, technology and business and Aalto provides the opportunity.

Irene Purasachit saw the floral industry’s waste problem firsthand – now she makes material for handbags from discarded blooms

Nearly half of cut flowers end up in the trash, never making their way to dinner tables or first dates

Flower clutch

No more plastic wrap? Students create novel biobased packaging for cucumbers

A dip in the biobased liquid gives cucumbers a protective film. Innovative idea will be presented in the international BioDesign Challenge competition.

cucumbers on a plate covered with biobased liquid

We can transform the fashion industry by renting

Marketing Master’s student Katariina Järvinen’s company Clozeta combines two megatrends: second-hand and sharing economy.

The picture shows Katariina Järvinen on Aalto University campus, holding fashionable pieces of clothes in her hands.

Aarni Kapanen illustrates Dudes & Feelings podcasts

Fighting toxic masculinity with a podcast and the help of Visual Communication Design.

Man in sunny winter cityscape
opiskelija ja professori, Kauppakorkeakoulu. Kuva: Roope Kiviranta

Students developed a strategy implementation tool for NGO Startup Refugees

School of Business students also perform project work for non-commercial organisations

Felicia Aminoff, Anna Eriksson ja Amanda Rejström, kuva: Iiro Immonen

A spark to change the world - Aalto alumnas' startup helps people make climate-positive choices

In the future, personal climate action will be as natural as personal finance is today.

Niina Arvila seisoo Tietotekniikan talon aulassa

An 'info student' can teach crowdfunding to entrepreneurs in slums and coding to secondary pupils

In her diploma work, Niina Arvila studied how awareness of crowdfunding and the skills it requires could be spread among entrepreneurs of small communities in poor countries. Alongside her studies, Arvila has arranged a coding club to adolescents and works as a UX Designer at technology event Slush.


Interesting projects

'Cross-disciplinary' and 'innovation-driven' are words often spoken about Aalto but what does that actually look like? Take a look at some inspiring projects that Aalto students have been a part of during their studies.

Nainen väljässä punaisessa housupuvussa seisoo seinän edessä ja katsoo suoraan kameraan

Näytös22 fashion show brought a jackpot for Hanna-Lotta Hanhela

With winning three of the four prizes awarded, Master's student in Fashion Hanna-Lotta Hanhela was the most awarded student at the Aalto University’s annual Fashion Show.

Kuvituskuva: Designs For A Cooler Planet exhibition 2021. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen

Student analysed real estate financing markets

The project aimed to identify future trends

Ohjaaja Saara Hakkaraisen lyhytelokuva Hiljaisuus rikkoo tabua / Aalto-yliopiston elokuvataiteen laitos

Film Silence breaks a taboo

A short film directed by Saara Hakkarainen tells a story of a silenced secret.

Communications Engineering students

Aalto's students' project work utilises LEDs and smartphones for indoor navigation

Project supervisor Alexis Dowhuszko thinks that the project covered all the phases needed to create a start-up

Nainen ja mies huoltavat Konecranesin nosturia. Lähde: Konecranesin kuvapankki

School of Business students took on the recruitment challenges at Konecranes

‘Project results will be used to build, sharpen, and target our ongoing and future recruitment campaigns for technicians’

Two lab-coated women in a laboratory looking at pipes.

Chemistry and business students developed plant-based products with Valio

A team of two Master’s students collaborated with Valio in a 6-month Aalto Thesis project.


Unique career opportunities

Have you ever wondered what career paths Aalto opens up to its students? Whether you start your own business or offer your knowledge to someone else, being a student at Aalto is a guarantee for exciting job opportunities. Read and watch stories on building a career as an Aalto student below.

Mun juttu Pinja Koskelin

My story

My story presents former and current Aalto people and their stories.

Image from remote site:

A lighter path to exercise (external link)

The psychology of motivation coupled with mixed reality games can get kids moving

A man in a soundproof studio waving an object to create sound

Creating sounds and raising the bar - an interview with Film Sound Designer Iivo Korhonen

Mundane sounds support the characters' personality and Iivo Korhonen is the one recording them. He encourages everyone to dream big, because sometimes that may become your reality.

Tiina Lindh-Knuutila

Language technology combines alumna Tiina Lindh-Knuutila's interests

According to Tiina Lindh-Knuutila, language technology and machine learning offer enormous opportunities for many kinds of people.

Aalto-yliopisto / Maria Hieta / photo: Maria Hieta

A student satellite project launched alumna Maria Hieta’s career in the space industry

Alumna Maria Hieta majored in Space Science and Technology.

Atte Hujanen.

School of Business alumnus Atte Hujanen: I have been an entrepreneur all my life

‘To succeed and enjoy being an entrepreneur, you need to enjoy unpredictable situations, reacting to them, and overcoming them. If the image of such an everyday life gets a smile on your face day after day, then entrepreneurship may be for you,’ thinks Atte Hujanen, the founder of the karaoke streaming service Singa.


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