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'There are not that many universities offering Data Science as a major'

Anna Lebedeff studies Data Science at Aalto University
Aalto University student Anna Lebedeff

Following my brother, Imoved from Finland to North Field near Boston in the US to pursue my studies in high school. I graduated in the spring 2018, and as it felt natural to continue my studies in English I considered applying to universities in the US or Canada, but finally chose Aalto University because I was already familiar with it and it was known as an innovative university. There are not that many universities offering Data Science as a major, and at Aalto, as a Finnish-speaker, I can choose courses in both English and Finnish, and it is also easy to choose minors and interesting courses. I think Data Science is a wide subject where students can combine computer science and mathematics with for example economics, entrepreneurship or business studies. It is also interesting that the studies in data science develop as the technology itself develops. I expect the studies to be a strong combination of computer science, mathematics and statistics. I would like to choose a minor in industrial engineering and management or business.

Anna Lebedeff, Student in the Data Science major

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