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Preliminary assignments for Bachelor's Programme in Design

The preliminary assignments for Bachelor's Programme in Design for the 2022 admission round are published here 15 December 2021.


General instructions

As a first step in the application process for the Bachelor’s Programme in Design, you are asked to complete the three assignments below.

All material submitted for assignments 1, 2 and 3 should be your own work and delivered digitally in PDF format to You should submit all three assignments as separate PDF files. Assignments submitted in other file formats will not be considered in the evaluation. We will evaluate your assignments digitally, so please make your material easy to view on screen. The maximum size of each file is 1 GB. (However, it is recommended that none of the files exceed 100 MB). You should name the files according to the format AssignmentX- Lastname-Firstname.pdf. The name of each assignment should be marked clearly on each page of the PDF file.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all assignments are uploaded to the Studyinfo service by 26 January 2022 at 15.00 (i.e. 3 p.m., GMT +2:00) at the latest. The upload must be completed, and the application form saved no later than 14.59.

To return the three assignments, upload all the files to your application form in the Studyinfo service, under the attachment request DESIGN: PRELIMINARY ASSIGNMENTS. Assignments cannot be returned by email or other means. (If you are uploading the assignments after you have already submitted the application for the first time, please note that you need to also submit the changes after uploading the files. Click the ‘Save modifications’ button on the top right of the application form.)

To avoid sudden technical problems, internet connection failures or confusion with time zones, we strongly advise you to not leave the uploading to the last few hours before the deadline. With no exceptions, assignments that arrive after the deadline will not be considered for evaluation.

Assignment 1: How design influences the world

Write a one-page essay about how you as a designer could utilise design to create a personal and collective impact on our world.

Evaluation criteria: Personal motivation and its relation to design; clear and concise communication.

Assignment 2: Visual and emotional impact

Choose one image from either a local or a global news stream. Use that as a starting point for insight and inspiration to create a poster that influences the viewers to act.

Write a short and effective headline that summarises your call to action. Also include a short text that explains your argument in a well-reasoned manner. You can include some relevant background info, if needed.

Write the source of the original image clearly in the bottom right corner of the poster. Include the name of the photographer or the illustrator, the media agency or the platform, the original news headline, the date of the publication and a link to the news item, if possible.

Technique and physical format can be chosen freely.

Evaluation criteria: Visual and emotional impact of the design, clear and concise communication, convincing and rational argumentation, quality of visual composition.

Assignment 3: Non-representative sculpture

Make an abstract (i.e. non-representative) sculpture that expresses an emotion. Take a total of six pictures – four of the design and the construction, and two of the finished sculpture. Explain your idea and thinking in 200 words or less. Put the pictures and text onto one page and save the page as a PDF file.

Material: Play-Doh, clay, Plastiline or any other easily malleable material 

Evaluation criteria: 3D thinking, understanding of materials, and crafts skills.



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