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Preliminary assignments for Bachelor's Programme in Design

The preliminary assignments for the Bachelor's Programme in Design for the 2023 admission round can be viewed here.

The preliminary assignments for the Bachelor's Programme in Design for the 2023 admission round

General instructions

As a first step in the application process for the Bachelor’s Programme in Design, you are asked to complete one assignment below.

All material submitted for assignments should be your own work and delivered digitally in PDF format to Studyinfo.fi. You should submit the assignment as one PDF file. Assignment submitted in other file formats will not be considered in the evaluation. We will evaluate your assignment digitally, so please make your material easy to view on screen. The maximum size of the file is 1GB. (However, it is recommended that the file does not exceed 100 MB). You should name the file according to the format Assignment- Lastname-Firstname.pdf. 

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all assignments are uploaded to the Studyinfo service by 25 January 2023 at 3pm/15.00 (GMT+2:00) at the latest. The upload must be completed, and the application form saved no later than 2.59pm/14.59.

To return the assignment, upload the file to your application form in the Studyinfo service, under the attachment request DESIGN: PRELIMINARY ASSIGNMENTS. Assignments cannot be returned by email or other means. (If you are uploading the assignment after you have already submitted the application for the first time, please note that you need to also submit the changes after uploading the file. Click the ‘Save modifications’ button on the top right of the application form.)

To avoid sudden technical problems, internet connection failures or confusion with time zones, we strongly advise you to not leave the uploading to the last few hours before the deadline. With no exceptions, assignments that arrive after the deadline will not be considered for evaluation.


The assignment consists of three parts

Part 1: Manifesto

Present one positive social initiative that takes place in your community. Summarize why you see it as positive via a concise social manifesto. Maximum length of the manifesto is 100 words.

Part 2: Mood board 

Express your manifesto visually using a graphic mood board. It can serve as an inspiration to anyone who reads your manifesto and wants to act by it and create new initiatives.

Part 3: Design a public space installation

Create a 3D render or a physical mock-up of a public space art installation situated in your community. The installation should live up to your manifesto. Indicate the scale of your installation. Take couple of pictures from different direction of the installation.


Plan the composition and present all three parts of your work in a one-page document.

You can use any materials and tools.

Evaluation criteria: Clear and concise communication of ideas, aesthetic value of the work, 3D thinking, understanding of contemporary materials and crafts skills.


See previous preliminary and intake assignments for Bachelor's Programme in Design here

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