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Lively campus and student life in Mikkeli

Even though the Mikkeli campus is relatively small, it has always been the beginning in establishing the Mikkeli Spirit. The small campus deepens the tight-knit community and allows for interaction between students, professors and staff.
Students of the Mikkeli Campus playing hockey
Photo: Veikka Partanen

The Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli Campus is located at the Mikkeli University Consortium in the heart of the South Savo region, 230km from Helsinki. The campus is situated in the city centre of Mikkeli – a compact city close to nature. The campus itself has excellent learning facilities and an encouraging atmosphere for interesting encounters between students, professors and staff.

The campus has been built to accommodate the program structure in a way that the campus provides many areas where students can gather to do group work. For example, students can reserve study rooms.

Mikkeli Spirit

Thanks to a relatively small community and intensive learning experience, the spirit amongst the students is strong and lasts for a lifetime. Students use the phrase Mikkeli Spirit to describe the bond and close-knit community that forms among the students of the programme.

New students are welcomed into the program with open arms and the Mikkeli Spirit helps them feel at home in a new city far from home. It helps form life-long friendships that continue even after graduation.

The many different student clubs and associations related to culture, sports and other hobbies guarantee there’s something for everyone outside of studies. For example, you can join BaBa’s Kitchen, an international cuisine club or the sports club SkiBBA.


The campus library has many books that students can borrow. The library has several books, e.g. biographies of some of the remarkable public figures to provide the students with some reading also other than studying material. In addition to general library services and a place to study in, students can get together in the library and watch a movie or play board games.

Building of the Mikkeli Campus Library

Mikkeli Campus Library

Lönnrotinkatu 7


Collaboration with the main campus

The collaboration between business students of Mikkeli Campus and Aalto University main campus in Otaniemi is active and maintains close ties with Probba (Mikkeli Campus student association), KY (School of Business student association) and AYY (Aalto University Student Union), making sure that the Aalto spirit stays strong in Mikkeli. When moving to Otaniemi to complete your Master’s Programme, you already have a network of friends and other connections.

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