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GMAT and GRE exams

Applicants in Admission group 2, with the exception of applicants to Yritysjuridiikka (taught in Finnish), are required to take either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Records Examination (GRE).

Applicants to the study option Finance are required to take the GMAT or the GRE, regardless of which admission group they are in.
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Admission groups

Admission to School of Business study options occurs via one of two admission groups.

The degree that gives you eligibility to apply (i.e. bachelor's degree) determines which admission group you apply in.

  1. ADMISSION GROUP 1: Bachelor’s degree from a university in Finland
    Finnish universities are listed on the Ministry of Education and Culture website.
  2. ADMISSION GROUP 2: Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied science in Finland or from a higher education institution abroad

Master's degree does not give eligibility for Master's admissions.
In addition to your bachelor's degree, you can include one higher education degree (e.g. master's degree) in your application form. However, the admission group is based on your bachelor’s degree.

Minimum test score requirements

The table below shows the minimum required test results for GMAT according to study option:

Programme Admission group 1 Admission group 2
Accounting Not required 550
Business Analytics Not required 600
Creative Sustainability – MSc in Economics and Business Administration Not required 550
Economics Not required 550
Finance 650 650
Global Management Not required 600
Information and Service Management Not required 550
International Design Business Management – MSc in Economics and Business Administration Not required 550
Marketing Not required 550
People Management and Organizational Development Not required 550
Strategic Management in a Changing World Not required 550
Yritysjuridiikka (Business Law, taught only in Finnish) Not required Not required


Graduate Records Examination GRE test scores are compared to the required GMAT test scores.

GRE scores are converted to a GMAT total score with a conversion tool.
You can find the conversion tool for example at: GRE to GMAT.

GMAT and GRE exams are equivalent in master’s admissions, i.e. neither is considered superior to the other.

Validity period of the test results

GMAT and GRE scores are valid for five years after the test day. For 2023 admissions, the oldest acceptable test day is 1 December 2017.

Submitting test scores

The official test results must arrive at Aalto University directly from the testing organisation no later than 9 January 2023.

The test must be taken early enough to meet this deadline. You can check from the test administrator the time required to deliver the official results. Test scores submitted by the applicant are unofficial and will not be accepted. Testing times may fill to capacity towards the start of the application period. Applicants are responsible to enrol for the test sufficiently well ahead of time.

If the GMAT/GRE test scores do not arrive by the deadline or the scores are below the minimum requirement, the application will be rejected.

The GMAT/GRE is not a language test and therefore cannot substitute for a language test.

  • GMAT: The official test report must be sent directly by the test administrator to the Aalto University School of Business. The reports are sent by the test administrators electronically. At the test, applicants choose the higher education institution to which they want their test scores sent. Test scores need to be sent with the Aalto University School of Business GMAT program code, C1N-9F-85 (MSc Degree Programs).

    If you have taken the test earlier but not sent the results to Aalto University, request the test administrator to send your official results with the School of Business program code.

    Only the Total Score will be considered in the admissions. The Total Score includes the Quantitative Section and the Verbal Section. The Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning sections do not affect the score.

    See the homepage of GMAT ( for more information.

  • GRE: The accepted exams are the GRE General Test and GRE Revised General Test.
    The GRE Subject Test is not acceptable. The official test report must be sent directly by the test administrator to the Aalto University. The test results are received electronically from the test administrators.
    The GRE test reporting code for Aalto University is 7364.

    If you took the test earlier but the test scores were not sent to Aalto University, ask the test administrator to send an Additional Score Report to Aalto University.

    When converting the score, only the Verbal Reasoning Score and Quantitative Reasoning Score of the GRE test are taken into consideration.
    See the homepage of GRE ( for more information.

  • Note! Aalto University accepts also GMAT™ Online exam and GRE® General Test at home.

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