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Where to find what you're looking for in the Student Guide. Frequently asked questions about navigating in the Student Guide.

The content in the Student Guide is split in roughly in two sections:

  • common information that applies to all students which you can find in the top navigation on all pages, for example, exchange studies, applications, campus information
  • programme pages where you can find further information on every programme for example, programme studies, how to plan your studies, graduation and contact people of the programme

Frequently asked questions

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Illustrated instructions

Programme pages

Student guide, programme page

On the programme pages, you can find all information specific to the programme and majors, for example, programme studies (list of courses), how to plan your studies, the thesis process, graduation and contact people of the programme

Bachelor's programmes

Master's programmes

Doctoral programmes

Search function

student guide search function

You can search for Student Guide content only by filtering the search results and selecting "Student Guide" as the only content type.

News and events

student guide, programme page news feed

On the Student Guide front page, you can find news and events aimed at all students. On the main page of each programme, you will see news aimed at all students but also news aimed at your school and degree level. For example, the Bachelor's Programme in Design newsfeed includes news for all students as well as news for ARTS and bachelor's students.

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