Aalto-3 mission

The Aalto-3 mission is a University level student satellite project, which is fully done and prepared by Bachelor and Master level students, which will result in a fully functional satellite that is ready to be launched to space.
Aalto-3 Mission

The Aalto-3 satellite is intended to provide general knowledge, hands-on-work, and education for future space professionals. The aim is to make a fully Open Source Project that anyone can use to use as a reference point to make their own CubeSat mission.

The Aalto-3 mission has primary and secondary mission objectives. The primary missions objectives are the software defined radio, and the custom-made spage upgraded camera. The software defined radio allows a variety of experiments, that include radio-frequency interference mapping, satellite APRS, which allows the tracking of satellite, and transmitter locationing.

The secondary mission objectives are the Bluetooth subsystem connection, and the microphones on the structure. The Bluetooth connection's purpose will be to demonstrate the ability to control subsystems without the need for physical buses. If succesful, this will demonstrate the feasibility of Bluetooth connections to the subsystems, while allowing additional mass and volume for other subsystems. The microphones will record the structure vibrations, for example during the launch, during antenna deployment, and finding out if the satellite is struck by space debris or micrometeoroids, which is common.

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