Using the Aalto publication platform to put together and order a publication

Here you find instructions on how to use the Aalto publication platform.
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Steps in using the platform

(Please see instructions after the steps.)

  1. Log in to the publication platform with your Aalto identifiers:
  2. Select the publication type template that matches your publication.
  3. Start with filling in Publishing options.
  4. Fill in Publication info.
  5. Fill in Cover and Title pages information.
  6. Upload your Content as a single or several PDF file to the platform.
  7. When you have completed all the parts of the publication, save them to the Cart (Save to Cart).
  8. Place your order on the Cart by clicking on ‘Go to Order’. Fill in all the relevant delivery and invoicing options.
  9. Check the draft version generated at the platform and make the corrections if needed.
  10. Approve the final order.

Saving your data frequently

It is possible to save parts of the publication at any stage and continue the work later. It is recommended that you save the data of the covers and title pages every now and then when using the platform. If you leave a page open on the publication platform while the computer is idle, the system may require you to login again for security reasons, and you will lose all unsaved data.

Previewing your work

To preview the cover and title pages information and appearance, click on ‘Update’ or ‘PDF Preview’. Please note, that Preview does not show the quality of the images in the (printed) publication. Carefully revise that all the necessary information are in a correct form. When you make corrections in the fields, click ‘Update’ to view them.

Editing your work

Go to the Cart-view and click on "Edit" to continue editing your publication. You can modify your work as many times you want until you have placed your order.

Publication platform: chart of the process (pdf)

Publication platform

With your Aalto University account you can access the Aalto publication platform direct:

Login on the publication platform is enabled through the Single Sign On system (Shibboleth, HAKA Login).

For instructions, please contact [email protected]

Things to take into account

In the production and ordering of the publications, please, pay attention to all possible instructions from the school and the department itself. Find out who are the persons in your department who are responsible for the matters related with publications.

Please reserve enough time for the preparation of the publication. Check the electronic proofs without delay. Consider the timing for the proofs and printing, e.g. the Unigrafia printing house has following timeframe for publishing: the proofs will be received by the subscriber within three working days of placing the order, and printing will take a maximum of 7 working days after the approval of the proofs. If, for some reason, the publication needs to be finished within a tighter schedule than usual, be prepared to pay an additional fee. In the case of doctoral theses, remember to consider the time required for the public display of the thesis before its public examination.

After you have sent an order it is submitted to the printing press. Since this service carries a charge, please place the order only when the contents are completely ready and all matters related to the publication are clear. The publication platform is comparable to an online shop. As with any online shop, you use it with the intention of placing an order and paying for the product.

The publication will be assigned an ISBN/s and a serial number after it’s order has been accepted. So you don’t have to request them at any stage.

If you are only producing an electronic version of your publication, do not tick the option ‘Printed version’ for the covers and for the title pages. And if you want to make only a printed publication, do not tick the option ‘PDF version’.

An electronic version (pdf) is produced of all publications for archiving. Subject to the author’s permission, the publication will be accessible online

Using the publication platform

1. Choosing a publication template

Once you have logged on to the publication platform, use the first view to select the publication type template that matches your publication. There are six publication templates:

  1. Thesis template for Technical schools
  2. Thesis template for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the School of Business
  3. Report
  4. Compiled work
  5. Study material
  6. Working papers

The Publication types might have sublevels, which will be specified at the bottom of the Cover view in the ‘Level’ field in the platform.

For reports, study materials, compiled works and working papers, a series based on the contents of the publication should be selected when making the covers. There are four parallel series in Finnish and  in English. Theses, both English and Finnish, are published in the Doctoral theses series.

2. Filling in the information for publishing (Publishing Options)

Once you have selected a publication type template, continue filling in all the relevant information for publishing options:

  • School and department (optional)
  • Language of the publication
  • If you are doing thesis: type of the thesis (monograph, essay or article-based).
  • E-version and/or printed (Note! Both are done automatically if you are publishing thesis.
  • The amount of printed copies: Please note the printing house will send automatically 1 copy of your publication to the Aalto library collection.
  • Pages to printed in colour: You should indicate in the order phase the page numbers for the pages you wish to be printed in colour. The pages are indicated as page numbers in the content pdf. If the publication contains elements such as articles, the page numbers can be indicated as follows: "Article 1: p. 123-10, 145; Article 2: p. 50, 57". If the whole content or subsequent pages are to be reproduced in four colours, the first and the last page numbers should be indicated, e.g. 1-150, e.g. 55-60.
  • Schedule (preferred completion date of publication)
  • Theses: Date of Approval for publication granted and date of defense
  • Other publications than theses: provide also the name of the unit director/superior having given permission to publish it in the series in question.

3. Publication info

After you have filled in all the relevant information to publishing options, continue to fill in general publication information. You only need to fill in this information once and they will be automatically copied in the various parts of the publication.

4. Preparing the covers

Proceed preparing the covers either clicking the link on the left-hand side on the screen or using Next Step-function. Enter the information in the fields that open up and also for the front and back covers (Front cover interleaf, Back cover -interleaf) and the spine (Spine-interleaf). On the back cover, you can place an introduction of a maximum of 1,000 characters in length (including spaces).

Covers and colours

While you are entering information in these fields, you can also select the colour scheme for you publication. In the platform the colours of the covers is best seen in the PDF Preview version. For doctoral theses, for example, seven cover colours are available.

Inserting images and logos in covers

In doctoral theses, reports and compiled works, it is possible to insert an image on the front cover. Please note that you must obtain the copyright holder’s permission to use the image. You can use any image that fits in with the contents and the selected cover colour. You do not have to insert an image.

Use a pdf or jpg file (or a tiff format) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and colour setting CMYK by choice.Minimum resolution of dissertations’ cover images is 250-300 dpi. Process and crop the image before uploading. You can change the image (and cover colour) by uploading it again as many times as you like.

It is possible, if you decide so (not on the theses), to put 1-4 logos of the partners on the back cover (Logos interleaf).

5. Filling in information for the title pages and abstracts

Enter all the information for the title pages and abstracts in the fields that open up. The schools of technology have their own title page documents for doctoral theses, while the School of Business and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture have a different version. N.B. Location of publisher is Helsinki in the abstract pages of the printed and pdf-versions of the publications, because the hometown of the Aalto University Foundation is Helsinki.

The title pages consist of 4-6 pages, where pages 4 and 6, or the reverse sides of the abstract pages, are empty. It is recommended to copy/paste abstracts (max 2 800 – 3 000 characters including spaces) to the platform in simple text form made in Notepad or some other text editor. In publications other than doctoral theses, the abstract pages can be left out, but it is recommended that you include them.

To view the title pages information, click on ‘Update’ or ‘PDF Preview’. Carefully revise that all the necessary information on the first pages of the publication are in a correct form. When you make corrections in the fields, click ‘Update’ to view them. Once the title pages are completely finished, save them to the Cart.

6. Uploading of contents

Upload your contents as a single or several PDF-file to the publication platform. Before uploading the PDF-file, make sure that the contents are fully finished. Also please name the files using a logical sequence, e.g. numbering. This will make it easier for the printing house to perceive the order in which they are intended to appear in the final publication. Finally save this progress also to the Cart.

Publications in the Aalto series are produced in B5 size, except for Working papers, which are in A4. You can produce the contents in the A4 format, however, as they will be scaled down to B5 during the printing process. The scaling down is taken into consideration in the recommended Word and Latex templates below.

Layout and templates for your content

Please see the Publishing theses page.

Special characters in headings and abstracts

If the headings or abstracts of your publication contain (mathematical) special characters, please copy the title and abstract in question to a single PDF file and e-mail it to [email protected] Please, write in your mail instructions for placing the characters.This service is subject to a charge. – Note. On the publication platform it is possible to write subscript and superscript indexes to the abstracts.

If you are using LaTeX, you can download an abstract with special characters on the publication platform. Make a right size abstract on the Aalto series LaTeX template (link above) with the class option “abstracts”.  Choose the latest version of the template and read the documentation carefully and see also the example.

7. Placing your order

Once all parts of your publication are in the Cart, you can proceed to placing your order:

  1. Start placing your order on the Cart by clicking on ‘Go to Order’. Before that complete carefully your details in the profile and for the contact information.
  2. Enter the phone numbers and all the other necessary details in delivery and invoicing information. If needed, you may provide extra information using the additional instructions fields of shipping and invoicing.
  3. After you have filled the shipping and invoicing information, click Next Step. On the Cart view send your order by clicking ‘Place Order’. Once you have ordered, a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.
  4. Go to the Orders-view and download the draft version by clicking on the  "Draft version"link and check the draft for any typographical errors or things you wish to change. Note that layout of this draft can differ significantly from the official electronic proof received from the printing house. More information.
  5. Approve your order and it will be proceed to the printing house.

N.B. When using the publication platform, it is necessary to submit the orders one publication at a time. In case your Cart contains files for more than one publication, use the Hold function to set a Hold for Later status for the materials not belonging to the first publication you intend to submit the order for. Once you have submitted the order for the first publication, you can transfer the materials for the second publication back to the Cart using the Move to Cart function.

8. Reviewing the draft version of your publication and approving your order

You have to approve your order before it can be sent to the printing house. Upon approval you can review your publication via draft version generated in the platform for any e.g. typographical errors or things you wish to change in the content:

  1. In the Orders-view download he preview version by on clicking on the "Draft version" link.

  2. If you wish to make changes to your order: Click "Review", then click "Make changes"
  3. If you wish to complete the order and submit it for publishing: Click "Review", then click "Submit for publishing"

Note, that this draft version generated automatically at the publication platform is not the electronic proof! Therefore the layout of the draft is not equivalent of the electronic proof which you will get from the printing house later via email (E.g. in the case of article-based theses, the margins of the articles can look incorrect in the draft version but they will be fixed manually in the printing house.) The purpose of the draft version is just check e.g. any typographical errors.

9. Checking the proofs

Within three working days, Unigrafia will send you electronic proofs (in pdf) of the complete publication by e-mail for checking. If you are using any other printing house, please ask the schedule for getting the proof.

Help with using the publication platform

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