UniSport's break exercise over Zoom

UniSport offers Carefree Shoulders break exercise sessions over Zoom. These sessions are free and open to all.
Mies tekee taukoliikuntaa kotona television ääressä.

Welcome to have a little break with us! Carefree shoulders is a refreshing 15-minute guided workout that relieves tension and focuses specifically on the back and shoulder area.

We organize free free break exercise sessions via Zoom as follows

  • on Mondays at 12.00
  • on Wednesdays at 13.00
  • on Fridays at 11.00

Carefree Shoulders is suitable for everyone. Participate wherever you want! You do not need to reserve a place for this session. Zoom allows 500 participants. You also don’t need exercise equipment or clothing.

How do I participate?

You can participate in the Zoom event with Meeting ID 861 9709 5476. You will find the link on the Carefree Shoulders page and on the group exercise schedule.

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