Unigrafia - Sales channel for publications

Unigrafia's sales channel for publications

It is easy to increase the visibility and availability of publications with the help of Unigrafia Book sales. Unigrafia's services include the intermediated sales of scientific and research publications, memos, reports, doctoral dissertations, text books and self-published products.


Our print-on-demand service provides publications based on demand. We use digital printing technology. When the first edition of a publication is published, only the number needed by the publisher (e.g. a university) is printed (the minimum is 5 copies). The print-ready files are archived by Unigrafia.

The publication is then put on sale in the Unigrafia's online bookstore ( When a book is intended for a wider market, a small first edition is printed after which further copies are made based on orders. Unigrafia pays for printing the sales copies according to a separate agreement.

Intermediated sales service


  • Sells publications in its online bookstore (
  • Takes care of invoicing and sending orders to customers.
  • Takes care of any debt collection activities.
  • Supplies publications to retailers (bookstores etc.).
  • Takes care of sending orders and invoices overseas.
  • Takes care of the publication sales register and storage.
  • Reports intermediated sales volume data to the publisher.
  • Directs sales returns from sold copies to the publisher.

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