Transferring publication information from ACRIS to other webpages

The publication information in ACRIS can be transferred to other web pages via API. Web pages can be Aalto internal web pages or external. Service is free to use for anyone - just a registration is needed.

How to start using Research Publications API

Full PDF instruction available here.

What is API?

API makes publication data from Acris publicly available to any website. API transfers research information as it is available on Acris: publications which visibility is set to ‘public’ and status is "validated" will be transferred.

See full Acris API at

The API is available to anyone inside and outside Aalto University – all that is needed is registration.  

Information which can be transferred:

/research-outputs : Lists all research outputs
/research-outputs/{id} : Get research output with specific ID. Retrieve ID (pureID) from above API. Uses  
/research-outputs/{id}/fingerprints : Lists all impacts associated to the research-output specified by an ID (pureID) 

Getting started

  1. Go to
  2. Register – Sign UP
  3. Use your company/team/research group name in the registration form.
  4. You will get the confirmation to your email (check also your spam).
  5. If you do not recieve email, please contact: [email protected]
  6. Login with the link in the email.
  7. Click “Services”
  8. Click “Subscribe to Research API”
  9. Click on “Applications” -> “Create new application”
  10. Click “Research API”
  11. Give a name for your application which will use research publication data and select “Create Application”
  12. Now on Applications tab you can see your new application’s key.

How to use the API:

Check the documentation:

-    Store the API Key previously generated above
-    Documentation Tab -> Research Publications API
-    “Authorize” -> Enter your new API Key

For help, please contact [email protected]

Back to ACRIS instructions starting page, please follow the link below:

ACRIS Instructions

Learn how to add your research outputs and other activities to ACRIS research information system.

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