Training to support research

In Aalto, training events and information sessions cover the whole life cycle of a research project - from applying funding all the way to project management and entrepreneurship. Also such important issues as research data management, publishing and ethics are taken into account.

The aim of training is to increase the knowledge of Aalto faculty and staff about different external funding opportunities, improve the success rate of research funding applications and increase awareness of funders' terms and conditions, as well as of Aalto's project management procedures. Additionally, e.g. legal issues regarding contracts, commercialization of research results and patenting, academic writing, research project ethics, research data management policies and open access publishing principles are covered. Project work and presentation skills training are also available.

The main target audience is Aalto's faculty. Some of the training is, however, also aimed at doctoral students and service staff.

As an easy starting material please see this interactive guide for entry level services for research.

Training to support research in Workday Learning

You will find training to support research in Workday Learning. You can access Workday Learning from your Workday homepage, through this link or by clicking the icon below. You can search for training opportunities by topic or by keyword.

The previous supporting research course material can be found here. Research Data Management training material (recordings and slides) are available here.

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Training to support research in Workday Learning (external link)

You will find training to support research in Workday Learning -application.

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