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Our operating environment is in a constant and rapid change. With the help of digital tools, we can meet the new requirements better.
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Trainings for IT and digital tools and information security on Workday Learning (external link)

You find trainings for IT and digital tools and information security on Workday Learning application.

Forerunner in digital learning solutions

There are several trainings and workshops available for using the collective online learning environments (MyCourses, Panopto media service etc.) and information systems. You can find more information here. You can also search for inspiration to developing your teaching from the site Online Learning.

Tools and competence for open science and research

If you want to enable the spread of your publications, you should publish your research data. This increases citations to your journal articles and other publications. You can find more information on open publication here.

The ACRIS system aims to facilitate the management of academic merits of the researchers and artists, with the help of, e.g. lists of publications, open access publications and CV templates.


In case you want to develop the cooperation methods with the help of digital tools, you can find instructions for using Microsoft Teams from here. More specific instructions and training videos are available in Microsoft’s web page. If you additionally want to consider and discuss your team’s or research group’s operation in a facilitated manner, please contact [email protected].

Office 365 tools – self-study material

You can find great self-study materials for using the Office 365 tools from the Microsoft’s Training Center. You can utilize the materials independently or together with a colleague. Please find the application-specific direct links from below.

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