TeliaSign Electronic Signing

TeliaSign electronic signing service is available at Aalto University for strong digital signing of documents. All Aalto employees can start signing processes, and the signer can be anyone also outside Aalto University. Electronic Signing is done using Mobile certificate or BankID.
TeliaSign service

The service can be accessed via

Please Sign in using your Aalto account by selecting "AD Kirjaudu sisään" or "AD sign in" depending on language. The service uses Aalto credentials. You can change the language after signing in.

PEASE NOTE! Signing documents is now available by using mobile certificate and Bank ID

We recommend that you use the Aalto University mobile certificate when signing contracts. All Aalto mobile subscriptions have mobile certificates. Remember to activate the certificate before use.

Telia Sign strong digital signature service can be used as part of workflows to sign documents. E.g. administrative decisions should be primarily made via Administrative Decisions Form, see instruction below.

Related instructions

Mobile Id logo

Mobile Certificate at Aalto

Mobile ID (also called Mobile ID, in Finnish Mobiilivarmenne) is an easy way for strong authentication to digital services. All Aalto phone subscriptions have it and you can use it also for private authentication purposes.

Mobile Certificate enables easy authentication to many services and it is necessary for Aalto's digital signature service (e.g. administrative decisions). You may use the Mobile Certificate registered to your work phone also for private authentication purposes.

What you need to get started: Elisa's work subscription, smartphone and Finnish online banking keys for registration. Note: the service is free of charge, even though the registration form mentions billing. Elisa's registration form is currently available only in Finnish.

The Mobile certificate can also be registered at Elisa shops. 

More information about Mobile certificate (in English):


Short instructions for requesting signatures

Select AD Log in or AD kirjaudu sisään depending on language to log in

Sign into TeliaSign by selecting "AD Kirjaudu sisään" or "AD sign in" depending on language. You can change the language of the service after signing in.

Initiate the process by selecting Signature Request

Initiate the process by selecting Signature Request.

Signature request form

Fill in required metadata and document file and attachment file(s). You will need the email addresses and mobile numbers of the signatories to send the signature request.

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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