SAN (Storage Area Network) -disk service

The SAN disk service refers to a service where raw (block level) disk space is provided for different servers and services. The disk service is offered within IT and Aalto University units, as agreed upon. It is not offered to private individuals.

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  • Physical disk space for servers, for instance, up to 4 TB
  • Enables high performance and reliability

RAID backed disk space is provided as SAN solutions. Disk space can be provided from one disk system, or it can be duplicated to two disk systems to improve its fault tolerance. Disk areas can be increased to a size of up to 4 TB (per individual disk area).


This service is not offered to private individuals.

Until further notice, SAN solutions are only offered in Aalto IT areas.

The maximum size of an individual disk area is 4 TB. High-capacity disk surface is slow (poor performance in terms of IOPS). Disk surface with greater performance is limited.

This service is also offered, to a limited extent, to systems producing file services. This implementation has poorer fault tolerance than the disk service offered as a general rule.


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