Procurement documents and contractual terms

Here are templates along with instructions for carrying out such procurements of minor value for which Aalto University does not have a contract supplier, general contractual terms and conditions commonly applied in procurements, and guidelines for processing and archiving procurement documents. The Finnish versions of the templates and contract terms can be found on the Finnish translation of this page.

Templates for procurement documents

The templates below can be applied by all university units in making procurements (so-called mini-procurements) not exceeding the limit (EUR 9,000) in the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out in cases where Aalto University does not have a contract supplier for the supplies or services in question. Templates for procurements larger in value are available on separate request from procurement specialists. The procurement specialists' contact details as well as information on supplier partnerships and contract suppliers can be found on the main page of procurement.

Note: Different procurement contract models are used in research projects funded by Business Finland or the EU. More information on those is provided by the school’s legal counsel.

Note: First read the following instructions for the use of templates and division of procurements as well as for reviewing contracts:

Note: Due to the war in Ukraine, the following seller's declaration regarding sanctions and complementation of the terms of the contract should be appended as the first annex to all requests for quotations and purchase orders or procurement contracts.

Template for a request for quotation, separate for supply and service procurements:

If for one reason or another price comparison between different suppliers is not performed, competing offers are not requested, or the most economical offer is not selected, the grounds concerned should be objectively described in a memorandum. These situations include, for example, such in which alternative suppliers have not been found despite the market survey conducted, or in which the selected offer is, despite the higher price, the objectively most economically advantageous or "best" offer. The memo should be archived in the project folder together with the rest of the documents related to the procurement in question. The following can be used as a model or template:

Template for a purchase order (supply procurements):

Template for a procurement contract, separate for supply and service procurements:

Process of the presentation and signing of procurement documents

The invitation to tender to be published, contract award decision (in tendered procurements) and the procurement contract, as well as corresponding documents are approved and signed in accordance with Aalto University's approval policy.

Before approval/signing of the documents, it must be ensured that a lawyer has checked the documents in those procurements whose estimated value exceeds the national threshold value (EUR 60,000).

As a cover letter for the procurement documents in tendered procurements, a procurement presentation form is prepared which summarizes the scope, value, risks, responsible persons and other essential aspects of the procurement to the approver/signee. The presentation form is prepared by the procurement specialist handling the procurement.

Contractual terms used in procurement

As a rule, the general contractual terms and conditions for public administration are used in Aalto University's procurements. General contractual terms for public procurement that may apply: JYSE 2014 Services or JYSE 2014 Supplies. In ICT procurements, it is possible to also use Public administration IT contractual terms, JIT-2015. By using these terms and conditions, the benefits of Aalto University are ensured with respect to the suppliers concerned. Counselling in matters concerning contractual terms can be obtained from procurement specialists.

Instructions on requests for rectification and appeal to the Market Court

Rectification of procurement is a rectification made to the contract award decision by the contracting entity itself. A request for rectification can be made by a tenderer that has participated in the competitive tendering or candidate that has made an application to participate; i.e. by a party whom the decision concerns or whose right, obligation or interest is directly affected by the decision. Rectification can be made to any procurement whatsoever, regardless of its euro-based value, i.e. it also applies to procurements of minor value.

The possibility to appeal to the Market Court is also included in competitive bidding contained within framework agreements. The tenderer, candidate that has submitted an application to participate, or other party that the matter concerns can take the matter to the Market Court by making an appeal.

At Aalto University, the following Instructions on requests for rectification and appeal should be included when notifying tenderers of the contract award decision (in tendered procurements):

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