Unigrafia provides centralized printing services for units, departments and students at the Otaniemi and Mikkeli campuses. Besides printing, the printing services include acquisition, disposal, management and advice concerning multifunction devices and network printers.

Printing instructions

Send the files from your workstation to a SecurePrint queue:

Printing instructions

How to add a printer to workstation?

List of SecurePrint devices

If you have not yet registered a printing card, you can log in with Aalto credentials. Printing points have instructions for equipping a printing card.

or send the files via email to

[email protected]


  • Printing can be easily done with a SecurePrint queue to which users can add files remotely, either from an Aalto workstation or by sending the files to be printed via email to [email protected]
  • Students can print black-and-white A4 files free of charge. 

Printing happens with PrintingPoint devices. In the Cloud printing model, the user should register a printing card for fast and convenient access to the printer. The card can be an HSL Travel Card, a student card (Frank, formerly Lyyra), or a printing card purchased at a Unigrafia service point. The devices are equipped with instructions for registration and device use. You can also use your registered key-tag (

A department can, if it so desires, pay for colour printing for its students.

The client who orders a device is responsible for the unit’s printing devices and their maintenance. Aalto ITS manages the servers and printing network in the centralized printing system, and printing queues of devices connected to the system.

For an additional fee, users can also order auxiliary devices such as a perforating machine, stapler or postproduction unit for printers. Special printers are also available, but their use and maintenance may be subject to limitations.

The service includes purchase and/or disposal of devices maintained by Unigrafia. For an additional fee, Unigrafia can also dispose of other devices (usually printers purchased by users).


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

Unigrafia’s financing and maintenance services do not include large-size printers nor more specialized printing devices or plotters for teaching or research use.

The service does not include purchase or disposal of multifunction devices or printers not managed by Unigrafia.

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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