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Aalto's bank account numbers, business identity code and VAT number

The official name of the organisation is Aalto University Foundation sr (Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö sr / Stiftelsen för Aalto-högskolan sr).

The business identity code is 2228357-4.

The VAT number is FI22283574.

The bank account numbers are:

Nordea Bank
    IBAN: FI55 1660 3000 0604 60

OP Corporate Bank (Pohjola Bank)
    IBAN: FI10 5000 0120 2493 95

Danske Bank
    IBAN: FI65 8020 7710 1043 36

Payments arriving at Aalto University are directed to the main account at Nordea Bank. Account information can be found in PDF format in the annexes:

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Financial Services

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