Overview of profiles in ACRIS

All current academic staff and doctoral students at Aalto University automatically have a user account in ACRIS, which serves as a backend platform for managing their content and profiles. This ACRIS personal overview page is only for editing purposes and not visible to the public. In contrast, a public profile for each user is available on, showcasing their research activities to the wider audience.
Personal overview page in the ACRIS interface.

ACRIS accounts for staff members in academic and research-related posts are set up automatically.

Other staff members, such as support staff, may request ACRIS accounts by emailing [email protected].

Most information entered in your ACRIS profile is publicly available on the web portal

All information displayed on the public portal is added and edited on the internal backend side of ACRIS: (Log in with your Aalto credentials).

Logging into ACRIS for the first time

Upon first logging into ACRIS, you will see your Personal Overview page. Your profile overview presents your content in ACRIS and updates dynamically as you add or remove content. You can also click on items to view details about a specific piece of content.

Your profile contains personal information synchronized from the University's HR or student systems, as well as editable sections for additional information.

Please note! The backend personal profile is not the same as the public profile on the public portal. Some information is not shown on the public portal and is only visible to you or your trusted users in the internal backend side of ACRIS.

Personal overview components (dependent on your research activity):

  1. Profile Information: Displays your primary information, including a direct link to your personal profile page on the public portal ( To update profile information, click 'Edit profile'.
  2. Content Inventory: A summary of your content in ACRIS, with categories matching those used when adding content. Click on a category or subcategory to view its contents.
  3. PlumX Metrics: Summarizes your research output with associated PlumX metrics. For more information on PlumX metrics, click the PlumX link, which directs to
  4. Project Timeline: Shows an overview of projects you're associated with in ACRIS, sorted by start date, with the earliest projects at the top.
  5. Supervision and Teaching Overview: Provides a summary of current and former students, as well as an inventory of students' theses.
  6. Collaboration Map: Displays an interactive network map of your relations with other researchers, institutions, publications, etc., offering various perspectives.
  7. Add New Content and Tasks & Notifications: The +Add content button opens a window where you can import new content from online sources, or create content using a template. On the right-hand side, you will see task notifications, such as suggestions to import a publication or a message about a publication's submission process. Clicking the task link displays a list of publications requiring further action.

Ensure your data from these systems is correct and complete. If you find any errors, please email [email protected].

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This page compiles all ACRIS instructions. ACRIS, Aalto Current Research Information System, is the research information management system of Aalto University. Information is displayed in the public portal

ACRIS Instructions

Aalto Current Research Information System (ACRIS) is Aalto University’s research information management system. The system contains up-to-date information about the research and artistic activities of the university. These activities are shown through the public portal

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