My Dialogues

Aalto's people talking regularly about wellbeing, development and goals is how we build sustainable future together.

At Aalto, My Dialogues is about having a 1-1 conversation with your supervisor, or a 3-way conversation with your direct and matrix supervisors, twice per year (spring and autumn) about these 3 topics – wellbeing, development and goals.

You can utilise the Workday system to help you set work and personal development goals, make notes and attach documents you want to discuss, and give and ask for feedback from colleagues.

My Dialogues - preparing

My Dialogue for Academics – Goals and Workplan

The work plan is an essential part of teaching and research personnel planning their work under the total-working-hours system (excluding master and bachelor students). It improves work planning and allocation of resources by promoting goal setting and their follow-up, and is a concrete tool for allocating working time for the coming academic year. This page includes information on what work plan is, why we need to do it, and how it is done in the Workday system.


Performance is all about wellbeing

Wellbeing is a core variable to our success at work and Aalto considers it a key priority. We all have days we’re motivated, focused, and achieving. We also all have days where we’re demotivated, our thoughts are scattered and we’re not okay.

And that’s okay! Acknowledging “I’m not sure whether I’m okay today” is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, especially during these times, and there are a lot of things we can do about it.

Investing in your development

We all know how important it is to continue learning, to stay on the cutting edge of practice in your field, while remaining innovative and effective in your approach to your work. But how to balance it while maintaining your work-life balance?

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