My Dialogues

My Dialogues is a practical tool for building excellence together. The most important part is to remember feedback, reflection & continuous dialogue as part of supporting personal growth & achieving goals. Annual My Dialogue and other one-to-one meetings enable reflection that is deeper than just everyday conversation.


  • Shared understanding on role, expectations & own contribution 
  • Support for combining long-term career goals and organization goals
  • Long-term goals divided into smaller goals and milestones 
  • Feedback and support – celebration on progress  & collaborative problem solving
  • Focus on identifying where people should focus their efforts to enable professional growth & continuous development


  • Everyone takes responsibility for their own career & development, coaching support comes from managers
  • Feedback regarding progress is provided real-time throughout the year, by anyone 
  • Continuous dialogue and development, regular one-to-ones (PDCA)
  • Annual My Dialogue, Academic Career Dialogue in each Tenure Track step

More detailed guidelines for Annual My Dialogues & documentation

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