Micro and nanofabrication facilities

OtaNano offers facilities to develop innovative enabling technologies and apply them to practical micro- and nano-systems


OtaNano micro and nanofabrication facilities include cleanroom facilities in Micronova providing processing lines for silicon CMOS, MEMS, III-V optoelectronics and thin film devices.The bay / chase structure of the cleanroom allows for dedicated areas for processes such as lithography, plasma etching, wet processing, oxidation and CVD furnace processes, sputtering, wafer bonding, electrochemical deposition, ion implantation, measurements and analysis. The classification ranges from ISO4 in lithography and CMOS-sections, ISO5 in most processing areas to ISO6 in areas dedicated to measurements.

In addition to the main cleanroom there are laboratories with built-in cleanrooms for micropackaging and back-end processes as well as well-equipped and controlled labs for MOVPE, MBE and other thin film processes.

The facilities are located in Micronova, Tietotie 3, Otaniemi.
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Micronova cleanroom kuva: Aino Huovio


Reservations for the facilities are done at a reservation interface. Due to the distinct training requirements, the three locations have separate reservation systems for their facilities.

Before you can make a reservation to an equipment, you need to confirm that you have access to the reservation system. In order to get registered into the system, a new user always needs to participate in user training. After sufficient training to ensure that the person can use the equipment safely and knows how to act in unexpected situations, he/ she will be added to the list of users and get rights to book the tool with the respective booking system.

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