Mentoring for doctoral students and employees

Mentoring gives new perspectives and tools for work, professional development, and personal growth. Aalto University has an open mentoring programme for its employees as well as a separate mentoring programme for doctoral students.
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Mentoring focuses on sharing experiences, perspectives and skills, as well as on learning from another person’s experiences. It is a goal oriented way to develop one’s own work and competences. Confidentiality, commitment and goal orientation are important aspects of mentoring.

Mentoring can support the mentee for example in:

  • Orientation phase.
  • New role or change process.
  • Career planning and progression, as well as personal growth.
  • Developing in a leadership or supervisory role.
  • Offering new perspectives and stimulus to work and tasks.
  • Passing on silent knowledge and skills.

Types of mentoring

  • Traditional one-on-one mentoring involves a mentee and mentor working together. The mentor is an experienced person who acts as a discussant and provides encouragement.
  • Peer mentoring involves individuals of roughly the same level offering each other support when starting in a new position, for example.
  • Group mentoring consists of a mentor and several mentees together in the same group. The members of the group decide together on which issues they focus on as well as their goals and way of working. Group mentoring also enables the participants to benefit from valuable peer support.  


Mentoring programmes organised by Aalto HR Services


Mentoring programme for doctoral students

Mentoring for doctoral students is organized in the form of small group mentoring with 2-3 mentees per mentor, plus one individual session. The mentors are Aalto alumni working in companies and industry. The role of the mentor is to act as a discussant and offer insights with regard to issues such as employment and career, as well as general work-life matters.

The mentoring programme for doctoral students is organized twice a year: September – December and January – May. There is a call for applications in autumn for the spring programme and in spring for the autumn programme. The programme starts with a joint kick-off meeting and ends with a wrap-up session for all participants.


Open mentoring programme for Aalto employees

The open mentoring programme is ongoing and tailored to individual needs. Any Aalto employee can apply by filling in an online application form.

Areas of focus may include, for example, developing academic leadership, supervision, and project management, as well as career planning or other issues depending on the employee’s needs.

The mentee can suggest possible mentors or HR will search for a suitable mentor from within Aalto University. Once the mentoring match has been made, the mentor and mentee sign a mentoring agreement and then meet according to their agreed upon schedule, usually on a monthly basis for about half a year. The duration of mentoring depends on the needs and goals of the mentee.


Joint mentoring programme with external organisations and companies

A joint mentoring programme is organized together with companies and organisations outside Aalto University.

The programme is targeted at a pre-selected group of service employees and focuses on a particular theme. More information is provided to selected groups when the application period is open.


More information

Please contact [email protected] to get more information about mentoring programmes.


Other mentoring opportunities

Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

The Aalto University Mentoring Programme for alumni and students

In the Aalto University Mentoring Programme, students are provided with the opportunity to meet with people who are already part of working life and develop their own abilities and expertise.

For alumni
This service is provided by:

HR Services

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