Mediamonitoring and supervisor information in ACRIS

Please learn more about mediamonitoring and supervisor information in ACRIS.


We have two integrations of press/media to ACRIS that we have taken into use.

1)     Meltwater, Finnish speaking press.

2)     Newsflo, English speaking press.

We are testing these services in ACRIS in order to see if the quality of the services is high enough. Please, if you find something strange or incorrect, let us know at [email protected].

You cannot delete the integrated news but you can change the visibility setting at the bottom to the page as backend, i.e. the news is visible only to you.

In addition, we have granted each individual user the right to add and change press/media.  

Supervisor information

All the PhD students, also those who are employed by Aalto University have to give their consent to transfer the information on their supervisor relationship from Oodi to ACRIS. Please, remind your PhD student on this, so we can get the supervisor information in better order in ACRIS. Instructions on how to do this in Oodi can be found in ACRISHelp wiki:

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Research and Innovation Services

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