LSR Nyberg’s International Visitors’ Program

In order to contribute to the internationalization of its departments, the Aalto University School of Business has launched LSR Nyberg’s International Visitors’ Programme from the beginning of 2012.

The Visitors’ Programme gives the departments a possibility to invite each year approximately three international top researchers to hold research seminars at our school.

Inviting internationally distinguished researchers to visit our school allows us to take a more active role in the international scientific community. High-quality research seminars (and visiting lectures) substantially further the genuine efforts of our school to increase the internationalization of our research (and teaching).

The duration of each visit is limited to about one week. The budget per visit is maximum EUR 2 200 for the visitor’s travel and accommodation expenses and in addition a financial reward (for presenting in a seminar) of EUR 300 plus ~20% social costs.

The departments may submit proposals for international top researchers to be invited to research seminars (and preferably also to degree programs) by filling out the attached Grant Application Form. Submit the application to Tapani Mikola, PL 21210.

A complete application form includes:

  • the visitor’s name, position, university and e-mail address
  • the aim of the visit and the date of the visit
  • an expense estimate: details of the travel and accommodation expenses max. EUR 2 200 (tickets in economy class and accommodation either through Aalto University housing facilities or at a Hansel-contracted hotel), and in addition the financial reward of EUR 300 plus 20% social costs, totalling ~ EUR 2 500
  • the host’s name, department and telephone number and the cost center code
  • the department secretary’s name and telephone number
  • the head of department’s signature and date of signature
  • the visitor’s CV is required as attachment
  • School of Business Financial Services is responsible for filling out the project code for the Department/LSR Nyberg’s International Visitors’ Program.

No daily allowance will be paid for the visit. The department will cover all other expenses of the visit. The visitor is responsible for his or her insurance coverage during the visit.

After the visit, the visitor delivers the original receipts for the travel and accommodation expenses via Guest expense reimbursement form the secretary has send to the visitor.

The secretary of the department takes care of:

This service is provided by:

School of Business

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